Settling a Euless Truck Accident Case

Following a truck accident, the injured person needs to determine whether they want to settle the case or take it to trial. There are several reasons why a person may want to settle their case. First, a settlement is guaranteed. There is always a risk associated with the trial. Cash can be settled quicker than if the case is pushed to trial. That could delay the settlement amount. It could be several months to several years delay by not taking their settlement and filing a lawsuit. Regardless, it is in the injured person’s best interest to push the case to trial if the insurance company is not being fair with their negotiations. An experienced attorney could analyze the situation and determine the best course of action.

What Is The Settlement Process Like In Grand Prairie?

After the injured claimant has gone through medical treatment, their attorney will gather all the records and put together a demand package and send that off to the insurance carrier. The settlement demand is included in there. The insurance carrier will typically respond with a counteroffer. The attorney and the insurance company will go back and forth and try to reach a settlement resolution.

The length of time that it takes varies from case to case, but after a demand is sent, we usually see those cases that ended up settling within a couple of months of the demand. If unsuccessful, then it has to have a lawsuit filed and it will take more time.

Calculating a Settlement Amount

The settlement value is determined after proving liability. If the attorney can prove the defendant’s liability and seek a settlement, then the settlement value is mostly determined by the amount of damages in the form of medical bills. Typically, the more amount of medical bills there are, the higher the settlement amount will be, depending upon the policy that’s in place. The attorney cannot collect more than the policy limit on the case. It is the job of the truck accident attorney to try to reduce the medical bills in order to put more money in the client’s pocket.

Role of Negligence in a Truck Crash Case

As long as the injured party is not more than 50 percent liable for a collision, then the injured person may be able to recover compensation for damages. The settlement amount would be proportionally reduced, based on the percentage of negligence that they were determined to be. It is important to rely on the experienced truck wreck attorney because they are going to let the injured claimant know when they think a settlement is in their best interest or when we think they should push a case to trial.

Schedule a Consultation With a Truck Accident Attorney Today

There are many benefits of retaining the services of a truck accident attorney.  A skilled attorney will try to maximize the settlement amount. It is not recommended to settle a truck accident case on their own. There are too many intricacies that are specific to truck wrecks. That is why it is important to get somebody with some experience on these types of cases in order to maximize their settlement. Each case is different. But an experienced attorney may be able to determine a general case value based on their experience in handling and seeing the values of what other truck wrecks are settled for. Call today to learn about settling a truck accident case in Euless.