Euless Side-Impact Truck Accident Lawyer

A side-impact truck accident can be devastating and cause a significant risk of injury and even death. A side-impact or T-bone accident occurs in situations where a truck makes an improper lane change, runs a red light, or takes a turn at too tight of an angle. These situations can result in the truck making impact with the plaintiff’s car on the side panels. The resulting injuries can be just as devastating as those that result from other, more sensationalized truck collisions.

If you or a loved one were injured in T-bone tractor-trailer collision, a Euless side-impact truck accident lawyer may be able to help pursue a claim for damages. A skilled truck accident attorney can work to perform a full investigation into the incident to prove that a truck driver’s negligence was the reason for the side-impact crash.

Ways that a Side-Impact Truck Crash May Occur

A side-impact crash describes any collision where the point of impact on a plaintiff’s car is the side panel. These can involve contact on either a driver’s side or a passenger door. The resulting impact can cause severe injuries to a person’s arms, legs, ribs, and neck.

These incidents can occur in a variety of ways and at almost any time. Perhaps the most common are scenarios where a truck makes a lane change and slides into another vehicle’s position. This is especially common for larger commercial vehicles, as significant blind spots contribute to an overall lack of visibility. Side-impact truck accidents may also result from:

  • A truck running a red light or stop sign in an intersection
  • A trucker cutting a corner short in a multiple turn lane
  • High winds causing a truck to drift into another lane on the interstate

A knowledgeable Euless T-bone truck crash attorney could help to investigate the cause of a crash to hold a negligent trucker responsible for the incident.

What are the Common Types of Recoverable Damages?

Even though most instances of side-impacts with commercial vehicles are accidents, this does not mean that an at-fault driver is not liable to provide compensation. Laws in the State of Texas provide that people who suffer harm in an accident can still demand compensation from an at-fault defendant if that defendant was negligent. Defendants may be negligent if they violate a rule of the road or operate their vehicles in a way that places others in danger. An experienced Euless side-impact truck accident attorney could work to prove truck driver negligence.

The resulting claims for compensation can be substantial. The purpose of a personal injury claim is to collect the compensation necessary to cover an injured person’s losses. The central aspect of a claim is medical bills. Side-impact truck collisions can break bones, separate joints, spinal damage and cause traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Additionally, many people suffer significant mental anguish in the forms of pain, nightmares, or PTSD. If a person misses time at work to seek medical care or their injuries are so severe as to result in permanent disability, they can demand reimbursement for these lost earnings.

The Deadline to File a Claim

No matter how severe a person’s losses may be, they have only a limited time to demand payment. The Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §16.003 says that any claim for damages must be in court no more than two years from the date of injury. A tenacious Euless side-impact truck accident attorney could help to demand appropriate payments within the applicable time limits.

Reach Out to a Euless Side-Impact Truck Accident Attorney Today

Side-impact truck crashes can cause significant damage to drivers and their passengers. A Euless side-impact truck accident lawyer could help you hold the negligent party accountable for the reckless behavior. They can work to investigate the cause of the crash and could help you seek compensation for damages. Call today to discuss your claim and how an attorney could help.