Mansfield Knee Injury Lawyer

Your knees are an essential part of your body, allowing you to walk or run. That said, a knee injury can affect your comfort while standing or sitting. When you experience a severe knee injury, you may require extensive medical treatment involving surgery, rehabilitation, or even a total knee replacement. When someone else causes your injury, you must demonstrate that they carry legal liability for your losses to obtain compensation.

A Mansfield knee injury lawyer could help you pursue a case against the negligent party. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney could also help to gather evidence of your losses and take necessary steps to demand appropriate compensation.

What Are Knee Injuries?

The knees are significant joints in the human body. Without proper knee function, a person will have difficulty walking, lifting heavy loads, or driving a car, which will affect their general quality of life as well as their ability to earn a living.

Knee problems come in various forms and severity. A common knee injury involves tearing the meniscus, a thin piece of cartilage that pads the joint between the thigh bone and the shin. The only way to correct damage to correct the tear is through surgery. Even so, a procedure does not guarantee a full recovery.

When someone suffers a severe knee injury, they may need a total knee replacement in which a surgeon must completely open the patient’s knee and remove the affected joint. The doctor will also insert an artificial joint made of metal and plastic.

The patient may experience an infection if their body rejects the replacement. Unfortunately, an infection can impact the person’s physical health, emotional well-being, and ability to support their family. A knowledgeable attorney in Mansfield could help an injured person understand the severity of their knee injury and put a value on their experiences.

Potential Legal Course of Action Following Knee Injuries

While knee injuries are potentially life-changing events, the injured person only has a right to compensation when they can prove that someone else was responsible for their losses.

Typically, this requires proving that the defendant acted negligently, causing an accident. To establish this idea in court, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant owed them a duty of care, that they failed to provide this duty, and that an injury happened because of that failure. Common examples of cases of negligence include:

  • Car, truck, or motorcycle accidents
  • Slips and falls on someone’s property
  • Defective product claims
  • Medical malpractice cases

A jury must evaluate the actions of everyone involved to assign blame for the incident: the court in Texas uses modified comparative negligence to do so. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code §33.003, the jury must assign blame following the accident as a percentage.

When the plaintiff shares partial liability for the incident, the court will reduce their award based on their fault. When the plaintiff is 50 percent or more at fault in the case, they cannot recover compensation. A hardworking lawyer in Mansfield can demonstrate that the defendant was solely responsible for the knee injury and fight to get the plaintiff the maximum compensation.

Contact a Knee Injury Attorney in Mansfield For Help

A severe knee injury can impact your overall quality of life. Although seeking medical attention should be a priority, demanding payments for lost wages or emotional trauma is also wise. Severe knee injuries that require surgery can demand significant payments from at-fault defendants.

A Mansfield knee injury lawyer could help to protect your legal rights. A legal representative could collect evidence, form a case, and press your claim for damages in court. Contact a Mansfield knee injury lawyer today to get started.