Fort Worth Bad Weather Car Accident Lawyer

Local roads are susceptible to hazardous weather such as heavy rain and black ice. Dangerous weather could lead to hydroplaning, skidding, and loss of control of a vehicle. Individuals could sustain severe injuries and damage.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motor vehicle collision due to hazardous weather, it is best to speak to a diligent car wreck attorney. A Fort Worth bad weather car accident lawyer could investigate the crash, collect evidence, and help individuals recover compensation for their damages.

How Should Drivers Protect Themselves Against Weather-Related Crashes?

Bad visibility, hydroplaning, sliding, and slow traffic all might indicate the potential for a bad weather car accident. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, more than 1.3 million vehicle wrecks were caused by bad weather within a ten-year period.

A person can protect themselves from weather-related accidents by taking the advice of the local weather channel. They should stay off the roads when condition are dangerous and refrain from driving unless they absolutely have to. Motorists should pay attention and avoid bridges and back roads during icy weather, as they may not have been prepped by the Department of Transportation, which puts sand on the ice. Drivers should also avoid speeding, especially if there is ice. It is their duty to slow down, take precautions, and drive safely.

Why is Photographic Evidence Key in These Cases?

Evidence is extremely useful in a bad weather car crash. Evidence such as photographs and videos could be used to prove that weather conditions were the cause of the wreck. Photos will usually be taken after the hazardous condition has subsided. Photos should include the accident scene from the time of the crash or immediately after. If no photos were taken at the scene, a diligent Fort Worth attorney could examine that day’s weather report to help prove that inclement conditions caused the accident.

Common Types of Recoverable Damages

Depending on the severity of the collision, injured claimant’s may be eligible to recover a wide range of damages. With the help of a Fort Worth lawyer, a plaintiff injured in a bad weather vehicle wreck might be able to collect reimbursement for:

  • The cost of medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Mental anguish

How is Fault Assigned in Bad Weather Car Accident Cases?

Dangerous weather could impact the assignment of fault for a car accident in the area, sine a person knows or should have known about the dangerous weather conditions. Bad weather, including ice, is no defense in a motor vehicle crash.  All drivers have a duty to be prudent and safe while on the road, no matter the weather condition. When a motorist breaches that duty and causes damage, injury, or death to another person, they could be held liable.  If an individual is negligent, driving at an unsafe speed or fails to pay attention to the road conditions, then liability is going to be placed on the at-fault party.

A skilled Forth Worth attorney can help with bad weather accidents by thoroughly investigating the accidents of the defendant or another potentially-negligent party.

Reach Out To a Fort Worth Bad Weather Car Accident Attorney Today

When on the road, motorists are expected to pay attention to the weather and driving conditions. They are advised by their local weather stations that there is a possibility of severe weather and, as a driver, it is their responsibility to know the conditions in which they are driving. When an accident occurs, the negligent party could be held liable.

A Fort Worth bad weather car accident lawyer could assist injured claimants in recovering a fair settlement from the at-fault party and their insurance company as well as handle all correspondence and negotiations during litigation. They could deal with the insurance companies, so you do not have to. Call today to get started on your claim.