Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Fort Worth

No one in Fort Worth plans to get into a car accident, but it happens frequently. Even the best drivers are at the mercy of others on the road, so it is a good idea to be prepared and understand the mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Fort Worth.

Thoughtful action in the aftermath of an accident could make a huge difference in the days ahead. While there may be no plan to take legal action at the time of a collision, drivers or passengers may later realize that they are suffering substantial physical effects that could require extensive treatment, and then liability may become a serious concern. Speak to a diligent car accident lawyer in the area to learn about your legal options.

Failure to Contact the Police

State laws require different actions from drivers depending on the results of an accident. It is always a safe course of action to report an accident to the police. Failure to report could be a serious criminal violation in some situations, so failing to report tops the list of mistakes that Fort Worth car accident plaintiff’s make.

Even if the situation does not legally compel reporting to the police, however, it is good to have law enforcement file a report of an accident. It is usually possible to obtain a copy of the report, which could be used as evidence.

Refusing Medical Treatment

Even someone who feels fine after an accident should undergo an evaluation by a medical professional. Internal and catastrophic injuries caused in a Fort Worth car accident may not be apparent to the untrained eye, so failure to seek medical care is another one of the critical errors to watch out for.

If someone declines the offer of medical treatment at the scene of an accident and later comes to realize that the accident caused harm, it can be difficult for a judge or jury to believe that the injuries are related to the accident due to the initial refusal of medical care. Besides, medical evidence will be needed to support a claim for damages, and a record reporting detailed examinations and treatment is more persuasive than a record showing few attempts to seek medical care.

Admitting Guilt Following a Collision

Due to cell phones, it is easier than ever before to take actions or make statements that could be used against us. For instance, any polite utterance of regret could be considered an admission of guilt.

Posts on social media can be particularly harmful mistakes that car wreck claimants in Fort Worth should avoid.  Insurance company investigators could scrutinize posts to collect statements that could be interpreted to show that injuries are not as extensive as claimed or that the details of an accident were different than alleged.

Failing to Collect Evidence at the Scene

Injured individuals may not immediately consider gathering evidence following an automobile crash. Unfortunately, the best time to collect evidence is right after an accident, so failing to do so is one of the most common mistakes that people make when handling a Fort Worth car crash.

The scene of the accident will change, and witnesses may become difficult to locate. If possible, someone should take pictures of the scene and contact information from those who may have witnessed the accident.

Call an Attorney about Mistakes to Avoid After a Fort Worth Car Accident

Advice and help from a skilled car accident attorney in your community could prevent injured individuals from making crucial mistakes following a crash. Calling an attorney from the scene of the collision is perfectly acceptable and a great way to protect your rights. While it is necessary to exchange insurance information with others, it is wise to avoid speaking to insurance companies until after talking with a car accident attorney.

It is never too early to seek legal counsel. To learn about the common mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Fort Worth, consult an experienced accident lawyer in your community today.