Understanding Personal Injury Protection Coverage in Fort Worth

After a car accident, people in Fort Worth usually unsure of what to do next. They may wonder how to talk to the insurance company and if there are steps to take so that they do not end up shouldering all the responsibility if someone else was to blame for an accident.

A skilled car accident attorney can help with many aspects of a case, including understanding personal injury protection (PIP) coverage in Fort Worth. It is essential to understand how PIP works before filing a claim or determining whether to decline coverage as part of an insurance plan.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection insurance provides money to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and reasonable household expenses if someone suffers injuries in an automobile accident. This coverage provides benefits regardless of who was at fault for causing a car accident.

PIP covers injuries to the driver as well as passengers in a vehicle. Understanding personal injury protection coverage in Fort Worth involves looking at the particular details of a policy to ascertain what is covered and in which amounts.

State Law Regarding PIP Coverage

Insurance companies that provide auto insurance are required to offer at least $2,500 in PIP insurance as part of their policies. In most situations, drivers have the option to purchase addition PIP coverage.

As part of understanding PIP coverage in Fort Worth, drivers need to realize that insurers must include PIP coverage in a policy unless the purchaser specifies opts out of this coverage. The rejection of PIP coverage must be submitted in writing under Texas Insurance Code §1952.152.

Deadline to Apply for Coverage

Those seeking benefits under PIP coverage should be aware of applicable time limits. There is a deadline to submit a claim with the insurer, and a deadline to file a legal claim if the insurer fails to pay.

Additional deadlines may also apply in a particular case, so familiarity with the contractual terms is a crucial part of understanding PIP coverage. For instance, Tex. Ins. Code §1952.156 allows an insurer to set a deadline (no sooner than six months) for submitting original proof of loss for a claim.

Under the Texas statute of limitations, if the insurer fails to pay benefits, the policyholder must file a legal action for recovery within four years as a breach of contract. If someone in Fort Worth wants to file an action for recovery through a personal injury lawsuit, the claim must be filed within two years of the date of the accident.

What Is Covered Under PIP?

Motorists with PIP coverage should be able to file a claim for medical coverage for treatment related to the accident. Insurers will sometimes attempt to deny coverage if they believe a condition was pre-existing or if they determine that a doctor has charged more than a reasonable amount for a service. An attorney in Fort Worth in the area could assist in demonstrating that charges are reasonable and should be covered.

Understand that PIP coverage should also provide payments to cover lost wages if someone lost time at work due to injuries in the car accident. If someone injured is unable to provide normal service around the house such as cooking or mowing the lawn, PIP coverage could provide benefits to cover the cost of obtaining these services.

Help Understanding Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage in Fort Worth

An insurance policy is a contract. While state law provides guidelines regarding the interpretation of contracts, in general, it is the terms of the contract itself that determine the responsibilities that parties owe to one another.

Understanding personal injury protection coverage in Fort Worth hinges on a reading of the insurance policy provisions in a particular case. For assistance, motorists are advised to contact a nearby attorney with knowledge of insurance claims and car accident situations.