Fort Worth Car Accident Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

The mistakes people tend to make in Fort Worth after being involved in a car crash include failing to call the police, failing to take photographs, refusing to seek immediate medical attention, admitting fault, and talking to the insurance company before talking to an attorney.

Insurance companies contact people by mail from the police report or by phone if the other driver got their information. If the client retained an attorney, they cannot contact them directly. Insurance companies often offer a settlement early on. The issue with that is if they agree to that, even if it is verbal, it is binding. Days later, if they discover an injury or symptoms, there is nothing they can do to go back because they have already resolved their claim. People make this mistake because they are unaware of their injuries.

Following a motor vehicle collision, it is best to reach out to a knowledgeable car accident attorney in your community. The lawyer could help you understand the Fort Worth car accident insurance mistakes to avoid to help you recover more compensation for your damages.

Recorded Statements to Insurance Companies

The danger in giving recorded statements to the other driver’s insurance company before consulting with an attorney in Fort Worth is that that anything they say can be used against them. For example, people might apologize or give too much information. Often, people call the insurance companies immediately after the accident while they are still in shock. Maybe they have not experienced any pain yet, so they also tell the adjusters that they are not injured.

Giving that recorded statement can be used against them later in trial or in negotiating their claim. They also may give answers to questions that are relevant, such as criminal history or medical history, and these answers can be used against them later as well.

Accepting a Settlement

An insurance mistake to avoid after a motor vehicle collision in Fort Worth is accepting a settlement without seeking local legal counsel. The other driver’s insurance company might offer a check immediately to keep injured people from pursuing claims. If the insurance company offers a settlement, even verbal, and the injured party agrees, it is a done deal. Once they make that verbal agreement, they cannot go back on that agreement, whether a check was cashed or not.

Additionally, if an individual is not aware of their injuries and they settle their case with the insurance company, there is no way to go back. They will be unable to get the financial recovery they need for injuries that are discovered after the settlement.

How a Car Accident Attorney Could Help

It can be a mistake to fail to contact an attorney right after a car accident in Fort Worth because the insurance company will start working right away. If they retain an attorney, it will keep the insurance company from having the ability to contact them and try to under-settle the case or get a recorded statement.

A car accident attorney can help navigate the initial steps of dealing with a crash by investigating the claim and collecting and preserving evidence crucial for proving liability such as videos and black box recordings. Lawyers can handle all the communications with the insurance company and assist clients in finding medical providers who will treat them. These legal representatives are paid at the time that their claim is resolved, so the claimant does not have to front any of the medical costs out of pocket. Additionally, when there are surveillance videos like the black box information on 18-wheelers, a lawyer will send a letter immediately to preserve that evidence. Otherwise, it could be recorded over or destroyed. Call today to learn more about the Fort Worth car accident insurance mistakes to avoid.