Fort Worth Highway Car Accident Lawyer

Highways and freeways offer travelers in Fort Worth the most efficient way to get around in their vehicles. This can include people taking a highway to commute to work, attend events, or run errands. However, it is a fact that Fort Worth’s growing population has led to increased congestion on the freeways. An unfortunate side-effect of this congestion is a higher rate of accidents. Since travelers are moving at speeds in excess of fifty miles per hour, a collision could have catastrophic consequences.

If you or a loved one were injured due to a negligent automobile driver on the highway, a skilled car accident attorney in the area may be able to help. A Fort Worth highway car accident lawyer can take the necessary steps to investigate the crash, assign blame to another party, measure your losses, and demand appropriate payments as compensation.

How Collisions Could Occur on the Highway

Highways are a necessity for efficient traveling. Before the completion of the interstate highway system, it could take people hours to drive to the other side of town. Now, drivers and their passengers can move from place to place with relative ease and speed.

Unfortunately, this convenience can come at a cost. Highways have strict speed limits that are meant to control the pace of traffic. Another driver’s reckless actions could place travelers in serious danger. These actions can include:

Since these incidents tend to happen at high speeds, the resulting damage from an accident may be catastrophic. This can include not just property damage to a person’s vehicle but also physical injuries, economic damages, and emotional trauma. The purpose of a claim following a highway car accident is to make a person whole again. A diligent highway car accident attorney in Fort Worth could help injured people to pursue these claims.

Demonstrating Fault Following an Automobile Collision

To prove liability for an accident, a thorough examination of the defendant’s and the plaintiff’s actions may be required. In addition to the defendant, the plaintiff may be partially liable for an accident and their injuries according to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §33.003. This concept of comparative negligence means that a jury in a case must apportion blame based on their conclusion as to which party caused an accident.

The defendant may allege that the injured plaintiff contributed to the accident by coming to an unexpected stop, by speeding, or by not having proper safety equipment on their vehicle in order to mitigate their percentage of fault. A seasoned freeway car accident lawyer in Fort Worth could help injured individuals to both prove defendant fault and fight against any allegations of contributory negligence.

What Is the Deadline to File a Claim?

Injured claimants must file a claim within the statute of limitations. the statute of limitations will be two years from the date of the accident. The deadline starts the day the crash occurs.

Is the Statute of Limitations Different for a Minor or Someone with Disabilities?

A minor will have two years from the day of their 18th birthday to bring the person’s claim. Someone with a disability may have a longer timeframe, depending on the disability, they may have additional time, it could be a fact-specific analysis of the law, therefore, somebody with a disability should contact an attorney right away in order to make sure they meet the statute of limitations.

Let a Fort Worth Highway Car Accident Attorney Fight for You

Accidents that take place on Fort Worth’s highways and freeways can have disastrous consequences. Since these crashes tend to take place at high speeds, an incident involving relatively minor contact could cause a car to flip, to swerve into other lanes, or result in a multi-car pileup.

Proving liability can be complex since the law requires juries to examine the actions of all parties in an accident. A Fort Worth highway car accident lawyer could help you file a claim, gather the evidence of defendant negligent, and represent your interests in court. Call today to get started on your claim.