Side Impact / T-Bone Car Accidents in Southlake

A side impact car accident is not as common as other types of vehicle collisions; however, when they do happen, they tend to be severe, causing life-altering injuries that can devastate families and leave people with crippling medical debts.  But it does not have to be that way. When other drivers are responsible for side impact / T-bone car accidents in Southlake, their victims have legal rights.

The easiest way to make sure that you are treated fairly and not left in a bad position after a crash is to hire a Southlake car accident lawyer. Insurance companies notoriously try to avoid responsibility for at-fault drivers. An experienced attorney can help you overcome these tactics and obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Common Injuries in T-Bone Car Accidents

Many factors can contribute to a driver or passenger’s injuries in a T-Bone car crash. For example, front-impact airbags were installed years before side-impact or curtain airbags. Therefore, the older the car, the less likely it will have side-impact airbags. Additionally, passengers and drivers are offered much less protection in a side-impact car wreck than in other vehicle collisions, such as fender benders. Side panels and frames are weaker in the middle of a vehicle, as opposed to the long front or rear bumper.

Finally, people hurt in T-Bone car wrecks rarely see the collision coming, giving them little opportunity to avoid the impact. Seeking help from a Southlake attorney is crucial to ensuring the

Insurance Negotiations After a Side Impact Car Accident

While many insurance companies employ kind people who take their work seriously, an injured claimant should remember that large insurance corporations do not make money by paying out claims. Instead, they make money by collecting premiums and denying the claim or settling it at the lowest possible value.

An insurance adjuster in Southlake could use any of the following strategies to reduce the claimant’s damages after a side-impact auto accident:


Adjusters are masters at stalling a case in hopes that the injured person will miss the statute of limitations, making them unable to file a claim. Attorneys who frequently handle T-Bone vehicle accident claims know the applicable filing deadlines and will work to ensure the insurance company abides by them.


Adjusters often misinterpret details or confuse the claimant; others lie to the claimant to convince them they can resolve the matter without legal assistance. While the adjuster might feel comfortable lying to the claimant, it is difficult to lie to an experienced trial lawyer.


Sometimes, insurance companies deny the claim, hoping the injured person will give up. Legal representatives understand this tactic and will communicate with the adjusters to prevent denials.


It is especially concerning when insurance adjusters misapply the law or twist the facts in a way that makes the accident look like the claimant’s fault despite the evidence saying otherwise. For example, the insurance company could claim that the victim should have stopped for a yellow light rather than proceeding, even though the at-fault driver ran a red light.

An attorney could handle negotiations with the at-fault driver’s insurance to increase the chances of fair financial recovery. When the insurer refuses to pay the T-Bone car wreck claim, they could file a lawsuit.

Hire a Capable Southlake Attorney When Filing a Claim for a Side-Impact / T-Bone Car Accident

When you are involved in a side impact / T-bone car accident in Southlake, you have a right to recover damages for your injuries and other losses stemming from the accident. Our attorneys can help with this process.

Contact us to learn more about your options for financial recovery and schedule a consultation with our legal team members.