Hit and Run Car Accidents in Southlake

Any type of car accident is a stressful experience, but when you are involved in a hit and run collision, the aftermath can be particularly devastating. After a car crash, both drivers are obligated to stop. Failing to stay at the scene of a crash is not only a criminal offense, but the driver who flees can be held liable for any injuries caused by the crash through an injury lawsuit.

If you were injured in a vehicle collision where the other driver fled, you have options. Discuss your case with a car wreck attorney. Our dedicated legal professionals can help you track down the driver who hit you and file a claim for compensation on your behalf. In some hit and run car accidents in Southlake, you may not be able to locate the at-fault driver, but we can still assist you with filing a claim with your insurance company.

Reasons Drivers Leave the Scene of a Hit and Run Collision

Leaving the scene of a car accident is a crime. While it may seem obvious, it is unfortunately quite common. There are a variety of reasons drivers flee the scene of a car crash despite the consequences, for example:

No matter what reason, it is still unlawful. Hit and run accidents are particularly devastating when someone in Southlake is injured, as prompt medical care can be a life or death situation. Drivers who commit a hit and run where the other vehicle occupant is injured can be liable for their negligence.

Steps to Take After a Hit and Run Car Accident

After a hit and run car collision, every moment counts. There are important steps someone injured in a hit and run crash can do to preserve their case:

  • Contact the police
  • Seek medical attention for injuries
  • If possible, take down the other vehicle’s description and license plate
  • Take photographs of any damage, injuries, and the scene of the crash
  • Hire a lawyer.

Taking these crucial actions can make it easier to identify the driver responsible for the accident and protect the injured person’s legal rights. When the police arrive on scene, they will prepare an accident report. If there is a description of the vehicle or a license plate number, officers will attempt to locate the driver. It is also imperative to obtain prompt medical care as this will prove damages related to the crash. Lastly, secure legal representation. Hit and run car accident cases in Southlake can be complex, but an attorney can help a person navigate these issues and obtain the compensation they deserve.

Contact a Southlake Attorney After Hit and Run Car Accidents

Locating another driver after a hit and run can be difficult, if not impossible. Even if you have the other vehicle’s license plate, they can be uninsured or underinsured. Ask a lawyer about your legal rights and options when this happens. We can attempt to locate the at-fault driver and hold them responsible.

Leaving the scene of a car accident is not only reckless and inconsiderate but also a crime. When you or a loved one are injured in hit and run car accidents in Southlake, hire an attorney to represent you. We have the resources to track down the driver who hit you, and if we cannot find them, you can pursue compensation through your own insurance. Contact us to schedule a consultation.