Teen Driving Accidents in Southlake

Teenage drivers are inexperienced and sometimes make poor choices. Adolescent brains are still maturing, and it is not uncommon to see traits like recklessness and poor impulse control in teenagers.                 

However, inexperience and faulty decision-making can lead to serious accidents. When you get hurt in a wreck that was not your fault, you are entitled to compensation for your losses. A local car crash lawyer with experience representing victims of teen driving accidents in Southlake could help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Graduated Licensing Helps Teens Gain Experience Safely

Like many states, Texas has a graduated licensing system that allows teens to begin driving with restrictions. As the teen gains experience, they can drive under a wider variety of circumstances.

Drivers under 18 can get a learner’s permit, allowing them to drive only when a licensed adult driver is in the vehicle. After six months and passing a skills test, individuals under 18 receive a provisional license. The following restrictions apply to a driver with a provisional license:

  • No use of handheld electronic devices, even in hands-free mode
  • Only one passenger under 21 in the car with them at a time
  • No driving between midnight and 5 AM except to school, work, or in an emergency

These restrictions fall away when the driver turns 18.

When a teen driver operates a vehicle in violation of restrictions on their license, they face penalties. Similarly, when they cause an accident with injuries while not adhering to the conditions on their license, their failure is evidence of their negligence. Even if another driver was primarily at fault in the accident, the teen driver will still be partially responsible for violating their license conditions.

Parents Are Sometimes Liable for Their Teen’s Action

Parents could be liable for injuries a teen causes in an accident. Once a teen turns 18, they are a legal adult and responsible for the consequences of their behavior. However, in some cases, an injured person could seek compensation from the teen’s parents even after they turn 18.

Many parents put their children on their car insurance. In that case, the parents’ insurance must pay the losses of anyone who suffers injuries or property damage when the teen is at fault. If their insurance is insufficient to cover an injured person’s claim, the parents’ personal assets could be at risk. Even if the teen is over 18 and has their own insurance, the parents can be liable if the teen is driving a parent’s vehicle and causes an accident.

If the teen has a poor driving history, a personal injury attorney might investigate whether it is worth pursuing the parents for negligently entrusting their car to the teen. Finding multiple potential sources of insurance coverage could help ensure an injured person receives adequate compensation for their injuries.

Financial Recovery After a Crash Involving a Teenage Driver

Anyone who suffers harm in a crash is entitled to compensation for their injuries from the at-fault driver. A teen who is not at fault has a claim against the at-fault driver but cannot bring a lawsuit until they turn 18.     

The injured person is entitled to reimbursement for their medical expenses, lost income, and property damage. Their reimbursement would also cover future losses, like ongoing medical care or an inability to earn a living due to the injury. They could also claim compensation for their inconvenience, scarring, emotional anguish, physical pain, and disability.

 Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16-003 allows someone injured in an accident two years to file a lawsuit. When a teen is injured in an accident, a Southlake lawyer might advise parents to file the lawsuit on their child’s behalf while evidence and memories are fresh. Most accident cases settle without a trial, but it is critical to act before the legal time expires to put pressure on the responsible parties and their insurance companies to make a reasonable settlement.

Pursue Compensation After a Teen Driving Accident With a Southlake Attorney

Teen drivers are more likely to get into accidents, and sometimes they cause injuries to other people. When a teen is at fault for an accident, they owe compensation to the people they injured.

Contact an experienced attorney who has handled claims for teen driving accidents in Southlake. Finding sources of adequate insurance coverage can be challenging in these cases, and you need a legal professional who knows where to look. Call today.