Taxi Accidents in Southlake

Getting into a wreck involving a taxi adds complexity to a car accident claim. If you try to handle it yourself, you are unlikely to recover the full value of your claim.

Instead, work with a local car accident lawyer experienced in representing the victims of taxi accidents in Southlake. They can stand firm against the insurance companies to help you receive appropriate compensation for your losses.

Taxi Accident Basics

In some ways, a taxi accident is like any other accident. The driver at fault is responsible for the losses of the other involved parties. If the at-fault driver is insured as the law requires, the insurance company pays up to the limits of the at-fault driver’s coverage.

When several parties share responsibility for a wreck, the process becomes more complicated. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.003, everyone who shares responsibility for a crash contributes to an injured person’s compensation proportionally. Depending on the circumstances, responsibility could be shared among the taxi driver, the taxi company, and other parties for a collision.

Insurance companies do not hesitate to take advantage of injured people when negotiating settlements. They often try to shift blame onto the injured party and away from their insured customer to reduce the amount they must pay. Working with a skilled attorney could level the playing field for a Southlake resident injured in a taxi crash.

Determining Liability for a Taxi Collision

When an injured person is the driver of a vehicle involved in a collision with a taxi, they should seek legal representation. The taxi company’s insurer will shift as much responsibility onto other drivers as possible.

Several different insurance companies are often involved in these accidents. The insurers for the drivers of all the involved vehicles, including insurers of taxi drivers who are independent contractors. If the taxi driver is an employee, the taxi company usually carries the driver on its insurance. Other potentially liable parties include:

  • Vehicle manufacturers, if faulty parts were a factor in the crash
  • The garage with the contract to maintain the taxi fleet, if poor maintenance was an issue
  • If one of the drivers was drunk, the bar or restaurant that served them could be liable in some instances

The local government where the accident occurred may even be liable if poor road design, inadequate maintenance, unclear signage, or faulty traffic control devices contributed to the wreck.

Identifying all the responsible parties and holding them accountable for their part in the crash requires certain legal skills. Working with an experienced legal professional could help ensure an injured person receives an appropriate settlement following a taxi cab crash in Southlake.

Avoiding Liability for a Crash as a Taxi Passenger

Taxi passengers can be badly injured in crashes. Even relatively minor injuries that eventually heal can cause inconvenience, pain, and emotional trauma, keeping an injured person from engaging in their daily routine.

Passengers are unlikely to be found at fault in a crash unless they were engaging in extremely unusual behavior. However, the insurer for the at-fault driver could claim a passenger was distracting the taxi driver and so shared blame for the accident. Insurers also might claim injuries are a passenger’s responsibility if they were not wearing a seatbelt. 

An injured taxi passenger deserves to be fully compensated for their medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. A Southlake taxi accident lawyer could present evidence demonstrating that others are responsible for the wreck and there should be no deduction from the injured passenger’s payout. 

Hire a Southlake Taxi Accident Attorney to Represent You

Managing a claim for injuries sustained in a car accident is always stressful. When the crash involves a taxi, the claims process can be considerably more complicated.

When you get hurt in a taxi accident in Southlake, you should concentrate on your physical recovery. Meanwhile, a local personal injury attorney can focus on recovering adequate compensation for your injuries. Call today.