Front-End Car Accidents in Southlake

Southlake, a small suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth, is one of many growing areas in the region. As the area grows, motor vehicle collisions become more likely. Front-end car accidents in Southlake can have a lasting impact on injured drivers.

Unlike other types of car wrecks, head-on collisions often result in fatalities since both vehicles are likely traveling at high speeds. When you are hurt or lose a loved one in a front-end vehicle collision, a skilled car crash lawyer could help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Front-End Car Accidents in Texas

Head-on auto collisions are usually much more severe than other car wrecks due to the vehicles’ speed upon impact. When one vehicle strikes another from behind, the lead vehicle surges forward. Similarly, in T-Bone car crashes, each vehicle has room to move or shift. But in a front-end crash, both vehicles are aided by inertia, meaning they are traveling toward each other, and their speed is duplicated.

For instance, two vehicles that strike each other head-on at 45 miles per hour will have the combined net effect of a 90-mile-per-hour accident, resulting in devastating injuries. Anyone injured in a head-on collision should contact a lawyer in Southlake to represent them.

Common Injuries After a Front-End Crash

Every type of crash has unique types of injuries: Some auto collisions cause soft-tissue or muscular injuries, like whiplash or spinal disc injuries, while others cause injuries in the lower extremities. In the case of head-on car crashes, the following injuries are especially common:

  • Head Trauma: Because of the high speed at impact, many front-end collisions result in a person’s head shaking violently back and forth, striking parts of the vehicle’s interior, leading to traumatic brain injuries (TBI), concussion, or skull fractures.
  • Amputations: While not present in all frontal collisions, these accidents can often result in partial or full amputations of limbs, hands, and feet.
  • Crushing Injuries: Some frontal crashes can also cause crushing injuries to a person’s pelvis, legs, feet, and arms, as well as cracked ribs and pierced lungs.

With the help of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney in Southlake, the injured person could accurately document their injuries to use as evidence in their head-on crash claim.

Compensation After a Front-End Car Accident

Many motorists in Southlake do not have enough vehicle insurance coverage to pay for an initial emergency room visit, let alone years of rehabilitation or surgeries needed to treat injuries from a front-end car wreck.

The Texas Department of Insurance requires all vehicles driving on local roadways to carry just $30,000 in liability insurance coverage, which covers the injured person’s injuries in the event of a car wreck. Sadly, this is often not enough. Sometimes, the at-fault driver has no insurance or assets, making it nearly impossible for the injured claimant to collect damages.

Fortunately, each vehicle owner can also carry additional underinsured motorist coverage. It is highly recommended that all vehicle owners in the state have higher optional limits to cover themselves or their passengers if an uninsured or underinsured driver causes a severe head-on auto accident.

Work With Southlake Attorney After a Front-End Car Accident

When you are injured or lose a loved one in a front-end car accident in Southlake, consider hiring an attorney to represent you. Our lawyers have represented clients in all types of auto accidents. A successful claim can reimburse you for medical care, lost wages, and more.

Severe and even fatal injuries are common with these collisions. With so much at stake, you should rely on an experienced legal professional. Call our legal team members today if you have questions about your right to financial compensation.