Southlake Car Accident Settlements

When a car accident happens, one or multiple parties may be legally at fault. Depending on the circumstances that led to the crash, anyone involved may be left with grave injuries and could be owed compensation for their harm.

Multiple factors can impact Southlake car accident settlements, and any amount of compensation you may be entitled to after a collision will depend on the unique facts and circumstances of your injuries. In addition to ensuring you get prompt medical treatment and preserving all evidence related to the wreck, you should speak with a local car accident lawyer to find out the options for your specific case.

Starting a Claim After an Auto Accident

When a car crash happens in Southlake, there are several key steps to launch a well-supported legal claim and seek a settlement of monetary damages. It is essential to report the accident to law enforcement and wait until police arrive at the collision site to make a report. The injured party should exchange insurance information with the other driver if possible.

In situations where it is not possible to wait for the police to arrive, it is still important to file a police report and ensure there is a record of the events that led to the crash. Bear in mind, Texas law provides a mere 10 days to get a crash report filed with police after the accident occurs.

Besides filing a police report and getting insurance information from the other driver, when someone is injured in an auto accident, getting prompt medical care is vital. In the absence of obtaining swift medical care, the at-fault driver’s insurance company could try to claim that the victim’s injuries were minimal, or even unrelated to the accident at all if a large gap occurred between the time of the crash and treatment.

Victims should take care to preserve all evidence related to the wreck, whether that be medical records and bills, injury and accident photos, or video footage. After getting any immediate or emergency medical care, the injured individual should contact an experienced attorney without delay to discuss filing a claim for compensation.

Car accidents commonly result from negligent behavior like reckless or aggressive driving, speeding, or drunk driving. A skilled attorney could investigate whether the at-fault driver failed to observe their legal duty of care and could be held legally responsible for the victim’s injuries and damages. Because Texas law only affords injured people two years from the date of the wreck in most cases to file a claim, it is best not to wait to speak with a lawyer.

How Car Accident Settlements Work

Southlake auto accident victims can be left facing painful, lasting injuries that may entitle them to many forms of compensation in a subsequent settlement or court award.

Factors that could impact the value of a settlement include:

  • Who is legally at fault for the collision
  • The severity of the victim’s injuries
  • Past, ongoing, and future medical care required
  • How the victim’s injuries affect their ability to work

The existence of any permanent or long-term disabilities due to the crash, and the insurance policy or policies involved—which can dictate the amount of compensation available for the claim—can bear heavily upon the outcome of a car accident case.

Car accident settlements could include the cost of the victim’s medical treatment, as well as future medical care required for their injuries. Costs such as lost income, lost earning capacity, and property damage could also be featured in the final settlement amount. Victims may be entitled to claim non-economic damages as well, such as the value of loss of consortium, loss of life enjoyment, and mental anguish from the accident.

Call an Auto Accident Lawyer in Southlake to Fight for the Settlement You Deserve

Southlake car accident settlements can address many of the financial concerns you might have after a wreck. Make no mistake: the insurance company is not on your side and will often do everything in their power to devalue or even deny your claim.

In some cases, the insurance company may try to offer a settlement early on before you have realized the full measure of your injuries and damages. Before you make any decisions about your case, speak with a seasoned attorney who can explain the full extent of your legal rights and options. Call our office today to receive your confidential case evaluation.