Bedford Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle accident injuries can be devastating. Often, the bike rider involved in an accident will end up with severe injuries, including harm that requires long-term medical care and ongoing rehabilitation.

A Bedford bicycle accident lawyer could help you learn more about your right to compensation if you suffered a bike crash injury. Contact a dedicated personal injury attorney to get started on your claim.

Who Bears Liability for Bicycle Accidents in Bedford?

The driver involved in a Bedford bicycle accident is often responsible for the collision. Frequently, bicycle accidents occur because the driver committed an error that led to the accident, including:

  • Failure to yield
  • Opening a door into the bicycle
  • Ignoring the rules of the road, including traveling too close to bicycles
  • Speeding
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Operating the vehicle while distracted

Bicycle riders must also follow the rules of the road to help keep themselves and everyone around them safe. An experienced local attorney could help an injured biker prove that a motorist caused a crash and hold them accountable for their ensuing injuries.

What Compensation Can I Recover After Bicycle Accident?

If you suffered injuries in a Bedford bicycle collision, your injuries could range from mild to severe. You may be entitled to significant compensation depending on the harm you sustained.

Each bicycle accident claim can look a little different due to the insurance policy that covers the liable driver, the extent of your injuries, and your medical treatment. However, in most cases, bicycle accident claims will include:

  • Compensation for your medical bills. A bicycle accident can lead to substantial injuries and, in many cases, the need for ongoing medical treatment. Talk to your lawyer about all medical bills you have already paid and, any future anticipated medical expenses that you expect as a direct result of your injuries.
  • Compensation for any wage loss because of the bicycle accident. Wage loss can include time missed at work immediately after the accident, as well as long-term loss of wages if your bicycle accident injuries permanently prevent you from working.
  • Compensation for the pain and suffering you faced after the bicycle accident. Bicycle accident injuries are not only painful, but can also prove emotionally devastating, especially if they prevent you from doing many of the things you love.

While a dedicated lawyer cannot guarantee the compensation you will ultimately recover from your injuries, they determine how much compensation you should expect after a bike wreck in Bedford.

The Statute of Limitations on Bedford Bicycle Accident Injury Claims

In Texas, plaintiffs have two years from the date of an accident to file an injury claim. Unfortunately, the court may refuse to hear your case if too much time has passed since the crash.

However, some exceptions exist to the statute of limitations, including injuries to minors or injuries you might not have discovered immediately after the accident. Talk to an experienced lawyer to learn more about your right to file a claim.

Insurance Settlement Offers After a Bedford Bicycle Accident

Dealing with the insurance company that covers the liable driver after a bicycle accident can be extremely difficult. Unfortunately, insurance companies will attempt to lower the compensation they must pay a plaintiff by convincing them to accept at least partial liability for the crash by sending out a low settlement offer soon after the accident.

Insurance companies may also force you to accept an offer fast, so you do not have time to talk to an attorney. Working with a knowledgeable attorney after a bike collision allows you to obtain the maximum compensation possible for your injuries. A legal team member will fight to get you the payments you deserve.

Speak with a Bedford Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

If you suffered injuries in a Bedford bicycle accident, do not try to handle your claim alone. Often, addressing these lawsuits without legal counsel could cause you to miss out on much of the compensation you deserve.

Instead, contact a Bedford bicycle accident lawyer to receive comprehensive legal support and advice as you manage the details of your bicycle accident claim.