Bedford Premises Liability Lawyer

Residents, business owners, and the agencies that manage public properties around Bedford all share an important responsibility to ensure their property is free of hazards that could cause injuries to guests. This duty, known as premises liability, could result in a civil lawsuit if a guest becomes injured due to a hazardous property condition.

If you’ve been injured due to a property hazard while shopping, visiting a friend, or doing business at a public office, a Bedford premises liability lawyer from Aulsbrook Car & Truck Wreck Injury Lawyers can help you obtain the compensation you deserve for the harm you experienced. Get in touch with one of our dedicated personal injury attorneys today to learn more about what the Aulsbrook legal team can do to help you with your claim.

What Duty do Property Owners Owe to Their Guests?

Anyone who owns or manages Bedford’s residential, commercial, or public properties must perform regular property inspections to identify hazards that might physically injure their guests. If any dangers are found, the property owner or possessor must take reasonable action to mitigate the risk.

However, these actions depend on the type of hazard encountered. For example, if cords stretched across walkways could cause a guest to slip and fall, reasonable action to prevent injuries could include removing the cables.

The property owner must also warn visitors of known hazards they have not had time to fix. These warnings might include placing a “wet floor” sign in a recently mopped area or a homeowner placing a “beware of dog” sign to prevent others from entering a yard where an aggressive dog is housed. A skilled attorney could review the details of a premises liability claim and determine if a property owner was negligent in allowing the incident to occur.

What Incidents can Lead to a Premises Liability Claim in Bedford?

The most common type of premises liability claim involves a slip and fall accident, which occurs when a visitor slips or trips and falls due to a wet floor or a poorly lit staircase.  Swimming pools are also a major source of premises liability accidents, and property owners have several responsibilities for keeping guests safe around water.

Landowners must ensure that pools are regularly maintained and working correctly while protecting guests against slips and falls around the pool. Property managers often do this by covering the pool when not in use so that it doesn’t present an “attractive nuisance” to a child, causing them to fall in. Other attractive nuisances that can lead to a premises liability claim include abandoned appliances or vehicles on a property that are not properly secured.

Additionally, business owners in buildings with elevators or escalators must ensure that their lifts are working properly to prevent injuries from guests. Likewise, amusement park owners are liable if individuals get hurt on a ride or because of hazards on the park grounds. Businesses, including nightclubs, hotels, and even the managers of apartment complexes, are also required to protect visitors from injuries from criminal activity. A hardworking attorney could identify how an incident occurred and work to get a plaintiff the maximum recovery possible for their life-changing injury.

Let a Bedford Premises Liability Attorney Help You with Your Claim

If you’ve been injured due to an unmitigated hazard on a property in Bedford, you are entitled to a free consultation with a premises liability attorney from Aulsbrook Car & Truck Wreck Injury Lawyers.

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