Bedford Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents are more severe than movies make them look. Especially for adults, a hard fall can cause extreme damage to the body. It may result in serious head injuries, broken bones, and other severe harm. The cost of treating these injuries can stack up quickly and cause financial hardship. Compensation for your suffering might be available when you work with a dedicated injury attorney to file a claim.

A skilled Bedford slip and fall lawyer is here to assist you in your fight for compensation. Get in touch right away for the help you deserve.

Liability in Bedford Slip and Fall Cases

To determine who was responsible for a slip and fall accident, a diligent attorney needs to conduct a thorough investigation. Legal representation must prove that a property owner’s negligence directly caused the injuries. Not every property owner will be responsible for every slip and fall.

Determining responsibility is often based on state premises liability law. For instance, whether a person is an invitee, a licensee, or a trespasser when visiting the property could significantly change their case process. Invitees get the highest protections while trespassers get the least. A skilled slip and fall attorney in Bedford knows how to determine the injured party’s legal status at the time of a visit and apply these facts to their case. After accomplishing this, legal representation could develop a strategy to pursue compensation from the negligent property owner.

Trip and Fall Injuries on Business Property

Many slip, trips, or falls, occur while the injured person is visiting a business or public space. In these areas, people are welcomed and invited to be in the space for a mutual benefit to both visitor and business. These people are invitees in most cases, and they are typically afforded a very high level of care. Businesses are required to warn invitees of known dangers and conduct reasonable inspections to look for potential slipping hazards.

When businesses fail to remedy a known hazard and this leads to someone tripping, the company might face financial liability. Common risks that could lead to a slip and fall incident include:

  • Improper markings to changes in the level of floors
  • Loose carpeting
  • Holes in the floor
  • Slippery substances on a floor
  • Uneven entryways or staircases
  • Collapsed balconies or decks

These serious situations require a person to prove that the property owner violated their duties to warn visitors and is responsible for the dangerous condition. A lawyer in Bedford could help determine if a property owner is responsible in a slip and fall case.

Comparative Fault in Slip and Fall Situations

Many property owners will attempt to blame the injured person by saying they are totally or partially responsible for their own injuries. This is a common defense used in slip and fall cases, but it does not always apply. For example, under Texas Statutes § 33.001, a person may still recover if they caused less than fifty-one percent of their own harm. A knowledgeable slip and fall team in Bedford could negotiate with businesses who use this defense and fight against manipulative tactics.

Discuss Your Case with a Bedford Slip and Fall Attorney

A meeting about your slip and fall case may reveal the path to financial compensation. Tripping and falling can cause serious injuries, and you deserve someone to help you seek monetary damages. An experienced Bedford slip and fall lawyer is waiting for your call, so reach out today to schedule your initial consultation.