Bedford Child Injury Lawyer

When your child is injured because of someone else’s actions or inactions, a feeling of helplessness may overwhelm you. Moreover, knowing how to move forward with your child’s best interests in mind can be challenging.

When your child is injured through the negligence of someone else, by a product, or at the hands of a medical professional, a Bedford child injury lawyer could help evaluate your case and determine whether compensation may be available to you. Call an experienced injury attorney today to learn more.

How Do Child Injuries Occur?

Caretakers and daycare facilities are vital lifelines for many working parents. However, while these people and businesses can be a blessing, they also present many opportunities for accidents that hurt children. Injuries sustained by children in daycare facilities come in many forms; however, they often include neglect from caretakers or poor or improper care procedures. When this happens, a Bedford child injury lawyer could pursue a legal case against the at-fault caretaker or facility.

When a child is entrusted to a caretaker, the caretaker assumes certain legal responsibilities and obligations while the child is under their supervision. Therefore, when the caretaker fails to meet these obligations, the law allows the injured child’s parents to seek compensation on their adolescent’s behalf. These failures may present when a daycare facility is understaffed or has insufficient procedures for monitoring children. For example, adolescents not appropriately monitored throughout the day can easily injure themselves by wandering into dangerous areas or playing with products incorrectly.

It is important to note that a child under 18 cannot directly pursue compensation when injured in an accident: instead, their legal guardian can bring the lawsuit on their behalf. A seasoned lawyer could help parents in Bedford navigate the legal process and ensure they get justice for their children.

Injuries Caused by Defective Toys

Children also frequently sustain injuries from toys and other products, even when properly supervised and monitored. Unfortunately, many children are injured by the toys they play with every day in the safety of their own homes.

When a child is injured by a toy they were playing with correctly, parents might have a product liability case. Product liability is an area of the law applied to cases involving defective or malfunctioning products.

Fortunately, the law allows parents to seek compensation from the manufacturers, retailers, and distributors responsible for putting these dangerous toys on the market. In Texas, product liability is a strict liability offense, meaning that a lawyer does not have to prove the defendant was negligent. When a defective toy or product causes an injury to an adolescent, a hardworking attorney in Bedford could pursue a claim against the manufacturer.

Contact a Capable Child Injury Attorney in Bedford Today

Recovering compensation after your child sustains injuries can be stressful for you and your family. The added anxiety over unexpected medical bills can make overcoming your situation feel impossible.

By contacting a Bedford child injury lawyer, you can start the journey toward receiving compensation and ensuring that your child’s medical and emotional needs are taken care of. An experienced attorney can stand up for your child’s rights, hold the at-fault party accountable for their injuries, and help your family fully recover. Call today to learn more.