Bedford Bus Accident Lawyer

While still safe, buses are often dangerous and can cause severe injuries in the event of a collision. Although these crashes may not be as common as wrecks between passenger cars, they tend to lead to devastating losses. In addition, buses do not offer passengers the same safety equipment, such as seatbelts. Therefore, these vehicles can leave riders more vulnerable to damages during an impact.

When accidents occur because of another person’s negligence, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation. If you need help recovering damages, contact a Bedford bus accident lawyer to schedule a consultation. A dedicated personal injury attorney is ready to protect your rights.

Leading Causes of Bus Crashes

Some of the most common causes of bus collisions include:

  • Blind spots
  • Left-hand turns
  • Bus driver fatigue
  • Inadequate driver training
  • Defective vehicle equipment
  • Third-party driver negligence
  • Driver distraction or mistakes
  • Road hazards and construction

As with every other incident, bus crashes can occur for various reasons. Regardless of the details, a bus’s massive size and weight will often leave passengers and outside drivers or pedestrians with life-threatening or fatal injuries and property damages. A seasoned lawyer in Bedford could pinpoint the cause of a bus accident and the best course of action to start a claim.

Determining a Liable Party After a Bus Accident

Concluding who is responsible for a bus crash could be a complex issue. For example, a bus diver could be the only at-fault party, or there could be several defendants in a case. A bus crash attorney in Bedford could review a case to determine the negligent parties and help collect the evidence needed to prove a claim. Potential at-fault parties include:

Bus Operator

If a bus driver is operating a vehicle with distractions or fails to follow traffic laws, they could be at fault. Therefore, bus drivers must always use a high level of care to ensure they drive safely and keep passengers safe.

Transportation Company

If a transportation company does not ensure adequate training of drivers, they could be liable for a crash. A court could also find them accountable if they hire inadequate servicing or other third-party companies.

Company Responsible for Vehicle Maintenance

When an accident occurs because of improper vehicle maintenance, like brake failure, a company responsible for servicing the buses could be at fault. These companies must ensure regular maintenance as safety regulations require.

Bus Manufacturer

When a defective part causes a bus crash, a manufacturer could be a defendant in a civil claim for damages. Defective parts could include faulty brakes or low-quality electrical components.

State-Operated Public Transportation Crashes

When a bus accident happens and the state owns and operates the vehicle in question, there is varying legislation a claimant must understand. According to The Texas Torts Claims Act, when a state-operated bus leaves passengers with bodily injuries and property damages, these individuals have the right to recover damages.

Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code Section 101.101 states that a claimant must send a notice of claim within 180 days of an accident and commence legal action within six months. A knowledgeable lawyer in Bedford could handle the legal work after a bus crash and ensure a plaintiff sends notice and files a claim within the legislation’s requirements.

Meet With a Skilled Bedford Bus Accident Attorney

The process of recovering damages after a bus collision is long and complex. Further, both drivers and transportation companies have attorneys and insurance companies fighting on their side.

For the best chance at fair recovery, you should have an experienced Bedford bus accident lawyer fighting in your corner. Call today to schedule an appointment and hold a negligent party accountable.