Garbage Truck Accidents in Dallas

Due to their large size and challenging travel routes, traffic accidents involving garbage trucks occur somewhat frequently. While some cases may involve only minor vehicle damage, others may result in extensive physical injuries to other motorists or pedestrians. In such cases, obtaining legal representation could play a crucial role in the effective filing of an injury claim.

If you or someone you know was detrimentally injured in a Dallas garbage truck-related traffic accident, you might have a legal claim through which to seek financial compensation for any related losses feasibly. To learn more about the legal recourse you may have following a collision with a garbage truck, reach out to an experienced attorney with experience handling personal injury cases involving garbage truck accidents in Dallas.

Common Causes of Traffic Accidents Involving Garbage Trucks

There are several ways in which a motor vehicle collision involving a garbage truck may occur. Some of the more frequent causes of garbage truck-related traffic accidents include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

Determining what the actual or proximate cause of a motor vehicle accident is will be crucial for an injured party in order for them to effectively file and pursue a civil injury claim for damages. Due in part to the fact that, if an injured party is found to have contributed to their accidental injuries, they may have their damages award significantly reduced, or they may be barred from recovery completely. As such, injured parties who may have been involved in causing the accident or their accidental injuries should consult a truck accident attorney before proceeding with their claim.

Injuries Frequently Sustained in Garbage Truck Collisions

In cases where a motor vehicle accident with a garbage truck occurs on a roadway with another motorist while operating their vehicle, the physical injuries an accident victim sustains can be severe. Some of the more frequently sustained injuries in traffic accidents involving garbage trucks include the following:

  • Severe abrasions
  • Fractures and sprains
  • Whiplash
  • Deep contusions
  • Back injuries
  • Head trauma

No matter how minor or severe a garbage truck accident victim’s injuries may be, they may recover monetary damages by filing a civil injury claim against the negligent party responsible for causing a collision with a garbage truck. Those seeking to bring a personal injury claim against a party at fault for causing a garbage truck accident should consult an attorney before filing a claim for damages.

Contact a Garbage Truck Accidents Lawyer in Dallas Today

The damages an accident victim sustains from getting into a vehicle collision with a garbage truck could be significant. From extensive medical care and treatment costs for a person’s accident-related injuries to severe damage to a person’s motor vehicle, garbage truck accident victims could suffer substantial harm as a result.

If you were gravely impacted due to a recent motor vehicle accident involving a garbage truck, they may seek to recover monetary damages by filing a personal injury claim against the negligent party responsible. For assistance with filing your civil claim for damages, call now to schedule a consultation with a skilled attorney experienced with handling garbage truck accidents in Dallas.