Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Dallas

Of all the types of semi-truck traffic accidents on public roadways in the United States today, blind spot truck accidents can be some of the more catastrophic to occur. In addition to causing substantial property damage, blind spot semi-tractor-truck collisions are more likely to cause fatal injuries to the drivers and civilians involved than any others.

If a recent blind sport truck accident has left you detrimentally injured, there could be several potentially liable parties from whom you could seek to recover financial restitution for damages. A skilled Dallas truck accident lawyer today can investigate the incident and help you hold the negligent trucker accountable for your damages. 

What is a Blind Spot?

The term “blind spot” refers to the area around a vehicle that is not readily visible by the driver when sitting in the default driving position. In the standard-sized vehicles typically driven by most non-commercial motorists, the vehicle has two blind spots – one on the driver’s side and one on the passenger’s side. Unlike their smaller non-commercial counterparts, large commercial vehicles have four blind spots – one directly in front, directly behind, one on the driver’s side, and one on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. 

The blind spots in large commercial vehicles, commonly referred to as “No Zones,” are 20 and 30 feet in length the front and rear of the vehicle, respectively, and stretch across one car lane on the left side and two car lanes on the right side. When a smaller vehicle enters into a commercial truck’s blind spot, the truck driver can no longer see the vehicle, and they have gotten too close for the driver to maneuver the truck safely. It is extremely dangerous for motorists to drive in a large commercial vehicle’s blind spots because it puts them at a considerably higher risk of getting into a traffic collision with the driver of a semi-truck.

Avoiding Blind Spot Semi-Truck Crashes

Due to the sizeable dimensions of large commercial vehicles, their expansive blind spots cover a significant proportion of the area surrounding the vehicle. With such broad-reaching blind spots located on each side of a semi-truck, motorists unaware of where the No Zones are or what lengths they must keep away from the vehicle risk getting into a blind spot collision.

One of the best ways motorists can avoid blind spot trucking accidents is to stay within the large commercial truck’s view by not following too closely. Motorists can check whether they are in a truck’s blind spot by looking at the vehicle’s side mirror. If they can see the truck driver’s reflection in the side mirror from their position, they can be seen by the truck driver and outside the No Zones.

Choose a Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer in Dallas to Resolve Your Claim

When a blind spot collision with a commercial semi-truck causes a high volume motor vehicle accident, the accumulated costs from motorist bodily injuries, fatalities, and damages to public and private property can exceed millions. Although the aftermath of a blind spot trucking accident can be truly devastating, these types of semi-truck accidents are some of the easiest to avoid when implementing good driving practices.

If a blind spot collision with a commercial semi-truck has left you or a loved one severely impaired, you may have a viable injury claim to bring against the at-fault parties involved. To discuss your injury claim with a qualified legal advocate, call to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation case evaluation with a blind spot truck accident lawyer in Dallas today.