Collecting Evidence For A Grand Prairie Car Accident Case

Evidence gathering is time sensitive. That is why it is always beneficial to reach out and consult with a seasoned car wreck attorney as soon as possible. A local lawyer could preserve all necessary evidence needed to prove your case such as preserving camera recording evidence or we can get a vehicle’s black box information that gives details or potential details about the crash. Also, an attorney could reach out to witnesses and get their statements while it is still fresh in their mind. Speak to a skilled attorney about collecting evidence for a Grand Prairie car accident case.

Common Types of Evidence Used

Evidence is crucial in a Grand Prairie car accident case. The most common types of evidence used in a case includes pictures, video, witness statements, police reports, and black box information during the time of the crash. Often, there are other types of evidence that may not be standard in a case. A seasoned attorney may retain the services of an expert witness to help explain the evidence and how it relates to the case.

Steps To Take Before Presenting Evidence In Court

After filing a claim, the insurance carrier assigns a claim adjuster to investigate the case and negotiate a settlement. The injured person’s attorney will package up a demand package to be sent to the insurance carrier and lays out a theory of liability, as well as injuries reflected in the medical records and the amount that they are demanding in compensation.

The insurance company makes an offer and response. Attorneys can advise them and discuss the pros and cons of accepting the offer. Traditionally, it is a back and forth between the lawyer and the insurance carrier trying to get them to offer a higher amount, offers and counteroffers are made.

The attorney is going to explain the cost benefit analysis of accepting a settlement rather than filing a lawsuit. But the insurance companies sometimes do not want to play fair, it is best to let a car accident attorney file a lawsuit on behalf of the injured party.

The Evidence Gathering Process

The first steps in the evidence gathering process is the intake stage. This is where attorneys do a thorough interview with the injured party. The car crash attorney will ask questions such as where, when or how the accident happened, information about their background and also any prior medical conditions they had before the crash. They also need to know all the places they received medical treatment. Some of the information may seem personal and perhaps irrelevant, but the attorney needs to be ready for anything. It is crucial for the injured person to be as honest with each other as possible.

Schedule a Consultation with a Car Accident Attorney

After a crash, you should first seek immediate medical attention. After seeking treatment, if possible, you should begin to gather pictures and video of the scene and collect statements from witnesses as well as their contact information. A knowledgeable attorney could help with the evidence collecting process. Call today to learn about the steps for collecting evidence for a Grand Prairie car accident case.