Grand Prairie Texting While Driving Accident

Distracted driving is a large problem in the State of Texas, and Grand Prairie has a cell phone ordinance in an attempt to mitigate the negative effects. Texting and driving on any public street is against the law in Grand Prairie and could result in fines up to $200. According to the ordinance, a person commits an offense while operating a motor vehicle using a wireless communication device. The driver might send, read, or write a text message, view pictures or written text transmitted by internet or other electronic means, or engage in any other use of the device besides dialing telephone numbers to talk to another individual.

The exceptions include when the vehicle is stopped or out of moving lanes of the roadway, such as when pulled over on the side of the road. Drivers are permitted to use their phones to make calls, use it as a global positioning device (GPS), or call emergency services, as long as it is hands-free. The driver is strictly engaging in a telephone conversation, including dialing and deactivating the call.

This ordinance is in place to try to stem the number of Grand Prairie texting while driving accidents and ensure the safety of other motorists and pedestrians. If you or a loved one were involved in an accident that was caused by a reckless driver using their phone on the road, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Reach out to a diligent car accident attorney to discuss your legal options.

Liability When a Distracted Driver Causes an Accident

Cell phone use by the defendant is legally considered distracted driving. Since the use of a cellphone, while operating a vehicle is against the law in Grand Prairie, the act itself creates a strong negligence claim. If a driver is found to have been using an electronic device during the accident, the plaintiff will likely have a strong claim for damages. They may be able to recover monetary compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages from missed work, as well as intangible losses such as pain and suffering.

What if Both Parties Were Using Their Cellphones During the Collision in Grand Prairie?

If it has been determined that both parties were using their cellphones at the time of the accident, the case becomes more complex. In situations where there is significant damage or injuries, and it is contested by both sides, the two parties must take the case to court. Even if the plaintiff is partially at fault for the collision, they may still be able to recover some damages for their losses, proportionate to their degree of fault. In situations where an accident was caused by both parties texting while driving in Grand Prairie, it is essential that the plaintiff engages an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to give them the best chance of making a successful claim.

Let a Lawyer Help Prove You Were Injured by a Texting Driver

An attorney who is experienced at handling texting while driving cases will gather phone records from the other party in order to secure concrete evidence that they were illegally interacting with their phone at the time of the collision. If you or a loved one were injured in a Grand Prairie texting while driving accident, a dedicated car crash lawyer could be the ally you need to recover the compensation you deserve. Call today to get started on your case and collect essential evidence before it is too late.