Grand Prairie Rollover Car Accident Lawyer

A rollover accident lawyer could severely impact an individual’s life. These incidents can result in catastrophic rollover injuries and serious damages. A diligent rollover wreck lawyer could help you recover compensation for all of your losses.

A Grand Prairie rollover accident lawyer may be able to help you if you have been in a collision due to a negligent motorist. A knowledgeable car accident attorney could investigate the rollover collision, gather evidence that names a defendant as the sole liable party, and measure your losses to demand appropriate compensation.

The Causes and Consequences of Rollover Accidents

Modern cars, trucks, and SUVs contain the most effective safety systems. Even so, if a driver needs to make a sudden turn, or is on the receiving end of a collision that presses on the side of their vehicle, their car may roll over. These incidents are most common on highways. The high rate of speed serves to destabilize a vehicle in a sudden turn, and a sideswipe accident could result in a driver losing control and flipping.

Automobile drivers could sustain devastating injuries due to a rollover wreck. The common type of catastrophic rollover injuries includes:

A seasoned Grand Prairie rollover wreck lawyer could help to evaluate the causes of the collision and to measure a plaintiff’s losses.

Pursuing Claims for Fair Compensation

Not every rollover incident can be the source of a personal injury claim. As with all examples of car accidents, an injured plaintiff must be able to prove that a defendant’s negligence was the source of the incident. In many ways, the fact that the collision resulted in a rollover wreck is incidental to this analysis.

The simplest way to prove defendant negligence is to show that they violated a rule of the road. Violations such as speeding, failing to signal and texting while driving could cause a severe rollover accident.

In other claims, courts must balance the actions of the defendant against those of the plaintiff to assign blame. Courts in Grand Prairie use a modified comparative negligence theory to assign liability. Under Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code §33.003, if the court believes that a plaintiff is more than 50 percent to blame for a rollover crash, the plaintiff may be ineligible to recover compensation from the other party. An experienced Grand Prairie car rollover wreck lawyer could gather evidence and speak to witnesses to prove that the defendant is the cause of the collision.

Reach Out to a Grand Prairie Rollover Car Wreck Attorney

Rollovers could cause catastrophic injuries and severe damages. Despite the seriousness of these incidents, you cannot collect rollover compensation unless you can prove that another party’s negligence caused the accident. This often involves gathering evidence from the scene, examining local traffic laws, speaking to third-party witnesses, and evaluating police reports.

A Grand Prairie car rollover lawyer could help with every stage of your claim. Let a dedicated car rollover injury lawyer handle the legal aspects of your case while you focus on your recovery. Contact a Grand Prairie rollover car accident lawyer today to schedule a consultation.