Car Accident Statute of Limitations in Grand Prairie

Victims who suffer injuries as a result of an auto accident caused by the negligence of another person should feel entitled to hold the at-fault party accountable for their damages. Although the law gives victims this right to file a claim for compensation, victims must file their claim within the car accident statute of limitations in Grand Prairie.

If you or a loved one suffered damages through this type of accident, get in touch with a knowledgeable attorney today. Having a seasoned car accident lawyer on your side will make you better equipped to not only file your claim before the legal deadline but may also increase the likelihood of filing a successful injury claim.

What Are the Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Cases?

The statute of limitations is a legal deadline. Any lawsuit arising from an accident or injury must be filed within a certain time limit or the injured person’s legal claim will be barred forever. Every state has its own statute of limitations requiring any personal injury suit to be filed in court within a certain amount of time after the act and/or injury. The specific time limit ranges from one year to six years. In Texas, the statute of limitations is two years.

How Is the Statute of Limitations Calculated?

The statute for personal injury claims under the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 16.003 states that the victim of an accident has to file their claim in court and give notice that they are seeking compensation for their damages within two years of their accident.

Some experienced attorneys have software in place to ensure that victims do not miss out on filing a claim prior to the statute running out. Injury attorneys want to make sure the claims are filed on time in order for victims to get the compensation they deserve.

Does the Statute of Limitations Differ for Minors or Individuals with Disabilities?

In some circumstances, the statute of limitations could be paused or delayed if the victim is a minor or someone with disabilities. It can also be delayed if one of the parties lacks the legal capacity to do an act at the time the cause of action accrues. As a result, a child or a person with mental illness is regarded as being incapable of initiating a legal action on his or her own behalf.

Once the statute begins to run, it would not be suspended by subsequent disability. These are complex legal situations and if victims find themselves under some similar situation, they should immediately reach out to a personal injury attorney as not to delay any longer in filing a suit.

Seek Help From an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident, there are several reasons to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. In addition to being rightfully compensated for the negligent actions of another, getting in touch with an attorney early on reduces the risk of having your case barred by not filing a claim within the car accident statute of limitations in Grand Prairie. To learn more about how an attorney could help, schedule a consultation today.