Expert Witnesses in Grand Prairie Car Accident Cases

yIn many car accident cases, expert witnesses are used to help prove and explain evidence in a case. There are many uses to an expert witness. Expert testimony can eliminate an issue or lend credibility to the victim’s allegations or claims.

Expert witnesses provide opinions about the liability of the potentially responsible parties, industry safety standards as well as damage calculations. Following a collision, it is best to get in touch with a local car accident attorney. It is best to retain the services of an experienced car wreck attorney because they are going to know when and what type of expert to use in a case.

Benefits of Expert Witnesses

Both the defendant and the plaintiff are able to use expert witnesses in their case. The defense would like to use their own expert witnesses, especially if required by law or cases involving topics not very well-known in the general population. The use of expert witnesses is particularly common in car wrecks. In such cases, even when not required to use expert testimony, it can be extremely beneficial to do so, because they can, at a minimum, use their own expert to counter the claims made by the opposing party’s expert.

So, fact-based expert testimony is a powerful tool because of its ability to provide judges and juries with a summary of the relevant information in a case, what the evidence implies, and guidance as to how to interpret it. Expert witnesses can cover lots of ground efficiently and effectively in a complicated personal injury case.

Expert witnesses are allowed to testify as to their professional or specialized opinions if it would help the jury understand the jury punch in the evidence or a fact issue in the case. Experts are also allowed to make inferences as they’re derived from a scientific method, and this is significant because the use of opinion testimony by a non-expert witness or lay witness is usually much more restricted.

Why Might Someone Not Want An Expert Witness In Their Case?

Not all cases need an expert. If it is not a complex case, then an expert is probably not needed. Experts are not cheap. Experts cost money, and not every case is worthy of that expense, because the settlement is just not going to be enough to justify paying for an expert.

Qualifications for Expert Witnesses

To qualify as an expert witness, it must be shown that the potential witness’s technical, scientific, or otherwise specialized knowledge will help the jury determine the fact and issue in the case or understand the evidence better. The witness’s testimony has a sufficient basis in facts or data. The witness’s testimony is a product of reliable methods and principles. And the witness’s reliably apply those methods and principles to the facts of the case.

Trial court looks at the factors to determine whether the technique or theory used by a proposed expert is adequately based whether it has been tested, whether it’s been subjected to publication or review, the error rate and the extent to which the scientific community accepts the technique theory, all those come into play.

The jury is going to weigh the credibility of the expert. They may judge expert witness testimony based on the quality of the expert, their experience, and their familiarity with the subject matter. It is critical to have the right experts who can explain complicated issues, and an experienced attorney is going to help choose the ideal expert witness for each case.

Types of Witnesses

An expert witness that could provide in-depth information and analysis based on their experience in a particular field, which is often technical and nuanced. Depending on the circumstances, many types of expert witnesses may be called on to testify in court. The witnesses help resolve disputes over circumstances surrounding car wrecks. Each expert is required to use their knowledge to explain how the accident occurred, the long-term effects of the injuries, and the future costs.

Medical Experts

Medical experts are called to speak to about the claimant’s injuries and give reports or opinions as needed. They come in many forms, and the type of experts required depends on the needs of the case and the nature of the injuries.

Mental Health Expert

A medical health expert can discuss whether or how an injury has impacted their mental and emotional well-being as well as their quality of life.

Highway Safety Expert

An independent engineer highway safety expert can be asked to testify about the road or transportation conditions leading up to or surrounding their crash.

Accident Reconstruction Expert

Accident reconstruction experts are typically experienced in rebuilding the chain of events that lead up to the crash. This may create a link between their accident and injuries they have sustained.


If the injured party misses time for work, struggle to pay bills after an injury, an economist can discuss their employment needs or abilities, as well as any potential loss wages as a result of their injury.

Get in Touch With a Skilled Car Accident Attorney

There are many benefits to having an expert witness help with your car accident case. They can speak to a wide range of matters in an automobile crash case. They can help the court understand how the accident happened. For example, a witness can testify to the severity of the injuries, financial impact of the accident, emotional impact of the accident, the impact of the accident on their quality of life and their future, engineering issues related to vehicle and all the road design.

Not all cases require an expert, but when an expert is needed, that is where it is great to have an experienced car wreck lawyer because they are going to know when to bring in an expert as well as the particular expert that is needed. Call today to learn more about the use of expert witnesses in Grand Prairie car accident cases.