Evidence in Grapevine Truck Accident Cases

Accidents with commercial trucks are traumatizing and costly events. These collisions can potentially leave you with painful injuries and expensive medical bills. In addition, depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be unable to return to work during your recovery.

Fortunately, if a trucker’s negligent actions caused your crash, an experienced truck accident attorney could help you hold them accountable in court. But first, vital evidence must be collected to build a solid claim, so schedule a meeting with a skilled lawyer today to learn more about evidence in Grapevine truck accident cases.

The Crucial Evidence in Truck Accident Claims

Truck drivers must possess a commercial driver’s license or CDL to drive tractor-trailers. Additionally, truckers must follow many regulations to ensure their license remains in good standing. That said, several pieces of evidence could help prove that a semi operator’s recklessness caused a crash, including:

Computer Data

Computer data is another crucial element to prove negligence after a semi crash. This data includes accident details, including information about whether a trucker used their brakes at the time of the collision. Likewise, a truck’s computer will also capture data about engine performance.

A Trucker’s Employment History

Companies within the trucking industry must comply with federal and state laws to employ truck drivers. One vital factor to investigate is the trucker’s employment file. This history will provide the driver’s commercial license standing and history. The trucker’s medical records may also be important information after a crash to determine if there is a history of issues or recent injuries.

A Tractor-Trailer’s History

A semi truck’s history is also vital information. This documentation includes paperwork to determine if the mandatory vehicle inspections and maintenance were up to date.

Witness Statements

Witness statements can provide first-hand accounts of how an accident occurred and which driver was at fault. Getting statements immediately after a crash is also important. A hard-working lawyer in Grapevine could help collect the vital evidence after a tractor-trailer accident to ensure crash victims obtain a favorable case outcome.

Electronic Logging Devices Regulations

Federal and state laws include many laws regarding record keeping. For example, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, all commercial trucks must have electronic logging devices, or ELD, to keep records of the driver’s driving and break times. In addition, trucking companies and drivers must comply with safety rules and regulations.

As of December 2017, state law mandated that transportation companies install electronic logging systems in all commercial trucks to ensure drivers cannot modify data. A knowledgeable attorney in Grapevine has the resources to request a truck’s data to determine if the driver or company were out of compliance during the collision.

Meet With a Knowledgeable Attorney in Grapevine About Evidence in Truck Accident Cases

Commercial truck accidents differ from other vehicle collisions. Therefore, collecting the correct evidence after your crash could be vital to ensuring your case’s success. A knowledgeable lawyer experienced with evidence in Grapevine truck accident cases could answer specific questions about your claim and help you navigate the process.

A legal team member could complete a thorough investigation and evidence review to build a claim for damages. Call today to schedule a meeting if you need help to hold a negligent truck or trucking company accountable for their negligence.