Tow Truck Accidents in Grapevine

Tow trucks are much larger than other vehicles, meaning they tend to cause significant damage when involved in a collision. A crash involving a tow truck can leave you with severe injuries and other losses, including extensive property damage.

When you are in a collision with a negligent tow truck driver, you could be eligible to collect compensation to cover the damages. Schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable lawyer to learn more about tow truck accidents in Grapevine.

How Do Tow Truck Collisions Occur?

Tow trucks are difficult to drive and control. Therefore, companies must provide new drivers adequate training before allowing them onto the roadways. When drivers are not adequately trained, they are more likely to cause harm to other motorists. Some of the most common tow truck accident causes include:

Driving Without Enough Rest

Many tow truck drivers work overnight hours and must ensure they get enough sleep during the day. When a driver fails to get adequate rest, they are more susceptible to making mistakes leading to a crash.

Aggressive Driving

A tow truck driver driving aggressively or with road rage can lead to an accident. Drivers must follow safety laws and regulations at all times.

Texting and Driving

Texting or using handheld communication devices while behind the wheel is a significant cause of tow truck crashes countrywide and in Texas. Texas Transportation Code § 545.4251 prohibits the use of electric messaging devices while driving unless the vehicle comes to a complete stop. When a tow truck driver is texting or distracted when a collision occurs, the court could hold them liable for the accident and resulting damages.

Failing to Notice a Vehicle in a Blindspot

Tow trucks are typically much larger than other vehicles, meaning they have significant blind spots, especially when towing a vehicle. Anyone who operates a tow truck must receive training on maneuvering safely and ensuring no cars are in their blind spots. Speak to a diligent attorney in Grapevine to learn more about tow truck crashes.

Tow Truck Accident Injuries

Because of the weight and size of tow trucks, the injuries from a crash are usually severe. Some of the common injuries include:

Because people in Grapevine suffer severe injuries in tow truck crashes, the award they receive is often significant. The court could award compensation to cover medical care, missed time from work, and pain and suffering.

Deadline for Filing a Claim

This state has a two-year time limit to commence a civil action. The clock begins ticking on the day of the accident. When the plaintiff misses the cutoff, they will likely lose eligibility to recover damages. A lawyer knowledgeable about tow truck collisions could answer questions about civil statutes and handle the filings on the plaintiff’s behalf.

Call a Skilled Attorney in Grapevine About Tow Truck Accidents

Professional truck drivers of all types have a legal duty to drive safely to avoid causing harm to others. You have every right to expect them to pay for the damages when they are negligent.

Schedule a meeting with a skilled attorney about tow truck accidents in Grapevine if you need help with a claim. Call today and let us begin building your case for damages.