Tanker Truck Accidents in Grapevine

Tanker trucks are the most common truck type you see on the roadways. Trucking companies use them to transport liquids and gasses, including petrol and diesel.

Filing a claim after an accident with a truck driver is often challenging to navigate. A lawyer experienced with tanker truck accidents in Grapevine could answer questions and help prepare your claim. Reach out to a truck crash attorney today to find out more about filing for damages.

Who is Liable for a Tanker Truck Accident?

Crashes with commercial trucks can be more challenging because several parties can share responsibility for the accident. It could have been a driver error, or there could have been a loading issue or problem with the cargo. The potential defendants in a case could include:

  • The trucker
  • The tanker truck driver’s employer
  • The shipper of the cargo
  • The owner of the truck
  • The truck manufacturer

Anyone who contributes to the vehicle or shipment and shares responsibility for the damages may be a defendant in a civil lawsuit.

Communication With the Tanker Truck Driver’s Insurer

The trucking company will have insurers and often attorneys ready to try to settle on their behalf. Thus, working with the representative alone is usually a bad idea.

It is not uncommon for defense attorneys to use what the plaintiff says during the call against them to assert they are liable for the crash. A seasoned attorney in Grapevine could handle the communications and negotiations on a tanker truck accident victim’s behalf.

Tanker Truck Crashes and Injuries

Commercial tractor-trailers, including tanker trucks, can be hazardous when the operator or other involved party is negligent. Besides their massive size and weight, tanker trucks pose the additional risk of hauling toxic chemicals or gasses. An accident can lead to explosions or spills that cause horrific injuries, including:

  • Burns
  • Severed or crushed limbs
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage

Tanker truck collisions can cause severe injuries that require extensive medical care, some leading to lifelong disabilities. A knowledgeable attorney in Grapevine could answer questions about tanker truck collisions and help a victim document their injuries.

Potential Damages After a Tanker Truck Crash

After proving that the driver or company they work for is liable, the court will likely award compensation within two categories. The settlement could provide compensation for economic and noneconomic damages.

Economic or financial damages to cover medical expenses and future care, loss of salary the accident caused, and transportation costs for medical appointments if needed. Noneconomic damages for physical and psychological injuries, including disfigurement, pain, and suffering.

The Proportionate Responsibility Rule

In Grapevine, after a tanker truck crash, the driver or insurer may assert that the plaintiff is partially responsible for the accident. Under the Texas Civil Remedies Code § 33.001, the court will not bar recovery for partial liability unless the claimant is over 50 percent responsible for the damages.

The insurers and lawyers representing the truck driver often aim to establish that the plaintiff shared more than half of the liability for the collision. When the court finds the plaintiff is partially at fault for the accident, they will subtract that amount from the total award for damages.

Call a Skilled Attorney in Grapevine About Tanker Truck Accidents

When you are in a serious collision with a careless tanker truck driver, you could have the legal right to hold them financially accountable. An award for damages could cover all medical costs, lost pay, and pain and suffering.

A hardworking lawyer experienced with tanker truck accidents in Grapevine could help you navigate the filing claim processes and advocate on your behalf. Call today to make an appointment when you are reeling from the effects of a tanker truck collision.