Overloaded Truck Accidents in Grapevine

Commercial trucks are subject to state and federal regulations that dictate the weight and type of cargo that they can carry. When truck drivers and companies exceed these limits, they put everyone on the highway at risk. Overloaded truck accidents in Grapevine constitute a significant cause of injuries and fatalities to the occupants of motor vehicles.

Both truck drivers and the trucking companies that employ them can face liability if overloaded trucks lead to accidents that harm others. A local truck accident lawyer can be vital to your ability to hold these parties responsible for their negligent actions. You may be entitled to compensation for your losses sustained in these truck accidents.

Are There Regulations on the Weight of a Truck?

Both state and federal regulations place limits on the weight of the cargo that commercial trucks may carry. Every commercial truck is assigned a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) by its manufacturer. There are the maximum weight limits on what these trucks may carry based on their structure.

These regulations require truck drivers to periodically stop at weigh stations on interstate highways to ensure that they are not overloaded. The government has enacted these regulations purely for safety reasons. When trucks are overloaded, drivers can lose control more quickly, leading to truck accidents in Grapevine due to overloads.

Consequences of Truck Overloads

With increasing pressure to transport consumer goods and materials more and more quickly, truck drivers may try to cut down on their pick-up and delivery times. To maximize their profits, trucking companies may require their drivers to follow strict schedules that may be almost impossible to achieve. These circumstances can result in trucks carrying more weight than the law permits.

Overloaded trucks can lead directly to various types of accidents that may cause significant property damage and personal injuries. For instance, accidents may occur as a result of trucks carrying too much weight in the following situations:

  • Excess weight may cause tire blowouts and damage to the axles of the truck, which can lead to accidents
  • Drivers may be unable to properly secure overweight cargo, which can shift, throw the truck off balance, and make it more likely to swerve, travel outside its lane, or rollover
  • Extra cargo also may fall off trucks and onto other vehicles or the roadway, which creates hazards for other drivers
  • Overloaded trucks may be more difficult for drivers to control, such as if they travel more quickly when going downhill and more slowly when going uphill

Grapevine overloaded truck accidents can cause catastrophic accidents that often occur on crowded interstate highways. With so many vehicles traveling at high speeds, an accident can impact multiple vehicles. The enormous weight and size of commercial trucks also put drivers of passenger vehicles at a substantial disadvantage.

What Type of Damages Are Available in a Truck Accident Claim?

Both truck drivers and their employers are responsible for ensuring that every truck pick-up and delivery complies with the law, including weight limitations. When these persons and entities allow trucks to be overloaded, they act negligently, carelessly, or even recklessly. This situation can lead to them being liable for any resulting accidents that cause injuries to others.

Occupants of other vehicles who fall victim to overloaded truck accidents often suffer devastating injuries in these crashes. Despite the safety features of many passenger vehicles, these measures often cannot protect people from the massive impact of a far larger and heavier truck full of cargo. As a result, injured claimants may be able to recover a host of damages from the responsible parties, including medical expenses, lost wages, property losses, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

Grapevine Truck Accidents Due to Overloads

Major injuries sustained in overloaded truck accidents in Grapevine can be both catastrophic and costly. While you or your loved ones are struggling to recover from this type of accident, both physically and emotionally, legal counsel may be able to work to get you the financial relief that you likely will need during this challenging time.

In addition to compensation, relying on the help of an experienced attorney can help you hold negligent parties responsible for their actions. Taking this step may allow you to focus on rebuilding your life after a severe truck accident.