Filing a Grapevine Truck Accident Claim

Any auto accident can be frightening and leave you with painful injuries and long-term consequences, especially crashes involving large commercial trucks. In addition, the significant size and weight of trucks can make collisions involving regular passenger cars incredibly traumatizing.

These crashes can leave rivers with severe, life-altering injuries, leading to long-term or permanent disabilities. Because accidents with tractor-trailers often result in devastating injuries and property damage, it is vital to understand how the civil claims process works.

Fortunately, a semi-truck collision attorney could help. Schedule to meet with a lawyer knowledgeable about filing a Grapevine truck accident claim to learn more.

The Statute of Limitations in Truck Accident Claims

Understanding the statute of limitations is vital to recovering damages after a truck crash in Grapevine. According to Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code § 16.003, claimants must file civil claims within two years of the cause of the action.

The judge will likely dismiss the case immediately if the plaintiff attempts to file a lawsuit after the deadline, leaving the claimant with no other financial recovery options. However, there are some exceptions to the statute. A knowledgeable attorney could explain these exceptions in further detail during a consultation.

Proving Negligence After a Truck Crash

Negligence is the legal cause of action in claims to recover damages after a truck accident. Lawsuits must establish four primary components to prove to the court that a truck driver or trucking company’s negligence caused a collision. The four elements of negligence include:


A truck crash claim must prove to the court that the liable party owed the plaintiff a legal duty of care. All motorists owe other drivers the duty of care and must ensure they drive safely to avoid causing collisions.

Breach of Duty

After establishing that the defendant owed a duty of care, the case must also show that a trucker breached the duty. A claimant could prove this by demonstrating that a truck operator failed to follow traffic laws or trucking regulations.

The Breach of Duty Caused the Accident

Truck crash claims must also prove that a breach of duty of care directly resulted in a collision and damages. For example, if a truck driver failed to stop at a red light and an accident occurred, evidence showing the reason would cover this portion of negligence.

The Plaintiff Suffered Verifiable Damages

The last element of negligence is providing the plaintiff with suffered damages. If there are no injuries and damages, plaintiffs cannot recover any compensation. Civil lawsuits should include medical records and bills, and documents showing property damages.

A knowledgeable lawyer experienced with filing a Grapevine truck crash claim could investigate to help determine if all the needed parts are present.

Meet With an Experienced Attorney in Grapevine About Filing a Truck Accident Claim

When a negligent truck driver or the company they work for is liable for a crash, you could have the legal right to hold them financially accountable. Knowing the proper steps to take for filing a Grapevine truck accident claim is essential for recovering compensation.

A hard-working Grapevine lawyer could help you navigate the complex process to recover the fair award amount you deserve. Call today to schedule a meeting if you need help with a claim.