Mistakes to Avoid in Grapevine Truck Accident Cases

An accident with commercial trucks can leave you with painful and costly injuries. After an incident of this nature, you may be struggling to pay your medical bills while healing from your injuries. Fortunately, you may be able to file a compensation claim for the harm you suffered. However, there are crucial mistakes to avoid in Grapevine truck accident cases.

If you were in a serious crash with a careless truck driver, call today to schedule a consultation. A dedicated tractor-trailer crash attorney could review your case and answer specific questions to help you recover the maximum settlement amount.

Refusing to Seek Medical Care

Refusing to see a medical professional after a semi-truck collision in Grapevine can negatively impact a civil claim. Therefore, seeking medical care immediately after an accident is essential, even when the injuries do not seem severe.

If a plaintiff chooses not to seek care from a healthcare provider, a trucker’s insurance company may state that the claimant’s injuries were not severe. In some cases, injured individuals might feel fine after the accident but may realize later that they suffered injuries. Seeing a doctor right after the accident will ensure the party receives proper medical treatment and help establish losses for civil action.

Failing to Call the Police

Calling the police after an accident in Grapevine is crucial for recovering damages successfully in civil lawsuits. The responding officers will complete an investigation and complete an accident report. The report is vital evidence to prove the defendant was responsible for a plaintiff’s losses.

When the parties involved in a collision fail to report the accident, the insurers have grounds to assert that there was no significant damage. Likewise, when the drivers exchange insurance and contact information but fail to call the police, they risk the other driver claiming the accident was their fault later down the line. This error could bar an injured party from recovering any compensation for their harm.

Speaking Directly with the Defendant’s Insurance Company

The truck driver and the company they work for have an insurance company ready to fight on their behalf. Although they may seem helpful, they can use anything the plaintiff says against them to minimize their payout.

Insurers often attempt to have an injured party claim full or partial liability for the accident. A skilled attorney in Grapevine could explain common mistakes in truck collision cases and handle communications with insurance companies on a plaintiff’s behalf.

Missing the Statute of Limitations Deadline

There is a crucial deadline to be aware of after a tractor-trailer accident. According to the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code § 16.003, claimants must file a civil lawsuit within two years of a truck crash.

The time limit begins running on the day of the collision. Missing the statute’s deadline can mean losing the opportunity to recover damages. However, a lawyer in Grapevine could review a claim for mistakes and ensure lawsuits are filed within the appropriate timeframe.

Call an Experienced Attorney About Mistakes to Avoid in Truck Accident Cases

If you were in an avoidable crash caused by a negligent trucker, you have every right to expect the liable party to pay for the damages. After a collision, it is vital to understand how civil claims work and the crucial mistakes to avoid in Grapevine truck accident cases.

Failing to follow all the essential steps could prevent you from collecting the total award amount you deserve. Call to schedule a consultation to learn more about recovering damages in truck accident claims.