Bad Weather Truck Accidents in Grapevine

Bad weather conditions cause an increase in all traffic accidents, including accidents involving commercial trucks. All licensed drivers must operate vehicles safely and avoid collisions with other drivers. However, truckers are professionals and have a legal duty to drive safely to protect others on the road.

Whether they have busy work schedules or deadlines to meet, they must always remain cautious and look out for other motorists on the road. However, truckers often fail to operate their vehicles safely during unfavorable road conditions. If you were in an incident with a tractor-trailer, schedule a meeting with a dedicated truck crash attorney for more information about bad weather truck accidents in Grapevine.

The Most Common Bad Weather Conditions Leading to Truck Crashes

Large commercial trucks have a high center of gravity and a narrow distance between wheels, meaning they are especially vulnerable to losing control of the vehicle during poor weather conditions, especially when carrying heavy cargo. A skilled lawyer in Grapevine could answer specific questions after reviewing the details of a trucking collision.

Ice, Snow, and Heavy Rain

Ice, snow, and heavy rain cause the roadways to be slippery, affecting the truck’s traction. Hydroplaning commercial vehicles are a severe hazard and can lead to accidents with life-threatening or fatal injuries.


Windstorms are extremely dangerous for commercial trucks. Because these massive vehicles are top-heavy, they could tip over on the roadway if wind speeds are high.

Thunderstorms and Lightning

A sudden strike of lightning or thunder can frighten truckers or other drivers on the road and cause them to slam on their brakes. These sudden movements increase the risk of tractor-trailer drivers losing control of their vehicles.


The reduced visibility that fog creates is hazardous for all motorists, including commercial truck drivers. For example, big rig operators may veer out of their lane or make sudden moves that cause pileups on the highway. In addition, if a driver breaks suddenly, truckers have a significant chance of running into them because they cannot stop quickly.

Truck Rules and Regulations During Bad Weather Conditions

Driving during poor weather conditions is dangerous for all motorists. However, it is especially hazardous for truckers. The massive size and weight of trucks make them especially vulnerable to devastating accidents. Therefore, federal and state laws outline specific guidelines for commercial vehicle drivers to follow during harmful weather conditions.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulation § 392.14, Truckers must reduce their speed in inclement weather conditions and, if possible, find a safe place to pull over and wait for the road conditions to improve.

A significant number of fatal truck crashes occur during bad weather. Therefore, motorists must comply with the instruction provided by the statute. A hardworking attorney in Grapevine could complete a thorough investigation of a semi crash to determine if a trucker followed state and federal regulations.

Call a Skilled Attorney About Grapevine Bad Weather Truck Accidents

Truck drivers receive extensive training and must adhere to federal and state regulations during dangerous weather conditions. Additionally, tractor-trailer operators must understand and follow the laws to reduce speed, use extreme caution, or pull over and wait when necessary.

If you were in an avoidable crash with a careless truck driver, you could be eligible to collect compensation. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer experienced with bad weather truck accidents in Grapevine if you need help with a case.