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Collisions involving trucks, tractor-trailers, and other commercial vehicles are devastating events. Not only can these crashes cause life-altering physical injuries, but they can also severely reduce your quality of life or jeopardize your ability to earn a living. The drivers of trucks have the same obligations to follow the rules of the road as all other travelers. In addition, special rules apply regarding their maximum weights and drive times. Failure to adhere to any of these rules means that a trucker, their insurance company, and their employer are liable to provide compensation for your losses.

A Southlake truck accident lawyer may be able to help you to collect these payments. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys could fight to protect your legal rights while you focus on making your best recovery and getting your life back to normal.

Truckers Have a Duty to Drive Safely

In most respects, commercial vehicle drivers are no different from those behind the wheels of personal cars in terms of their legal obligations. Truckers must obey speed limits, yield when appropriate, and stop at red lights. Truckers who fail to follow these rules of the road are at fault for any collisions that result.

However, special rules also apply to drivers of commercial vehicles. Especially for long-haul truckers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration limits how long a person may be behind the wheel in any given week or day. Breaches of these rules are just as serious as moving violations and indicate fault for an accident. A proactive Southlake truck accident attorney could help investigate the cause of a collision and gather the evidence necessary to show that a trucker was to blame.

Demanding Fair Compensation from All Liable Parties

Truckers who cause accidents are certainly responsible for their actions. However, a comprehensive truck accident case should evaluate whether other, more well-off defendants may share liability.

This always includes a trucker’s insurance company. All truckers, whether they are independent contractors or employees of companies, must carry these policies at all times. Many successful cases demand compensation from these insurance companies for the extent of a victim’s losses.

Another possible defendant is the trucker’s employer. If the driver was an employee of the company and on the clock at the time of the crash, the employer shares the blame through the legal concept of vicarious liability. As a result, a trucker, an insurance provider, and an employer may be jointly liable to provide compensation for medical costs, missing wages, and emotional traumas.

It is essential to decide which parties are to blame for a crash quickly. Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003 says people have no more than two years after a collision to demand compensation. Since many of these cases are complex, it is best to get started right away. Reach out to a seasoned truck accident lawyer in Southlake now to get started.

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Every truck accident has the potential to impact every part of your life. These crashes may inflict harsh physical injuries, devastate your quality of life, and cause severe financial troubles. Whenever a trucker is at fault for a wreck that results in an injury, that trucker is liable to provide compensation. In addition, insurance companies and employers may also share the blame.

Let a Southlake truck accident lawyer help protect your legal rights after a collision. They can take the lead to gather evidence, measure your losses, and demand that all liable parties provide fair compensation. Call today to get started on your case.