Tow Truck Accidents in Southlake

Under most circumstances, the arrival of a tow truck is a welcome sight and a sign that a problem with a broken-down car will at least temporarily be solved, not that several new problems are about to begin. Unfortunately, the latter scenario happens more often than you might think across the Lone Star State, as even tow truck drivers can be negligent behind the wheel and cause traffic accidents with devastating repercussions.

When you are hurt in a collision or any other type of tow truck accident in Southlake, you should prioritize discussing your legal options with a qualified attorney. Civil claims of this nature often seem simple in theory and end up being extremely complex in practice. A knowledgeable truck accident attorney’s support could be the difference between getting paid what you deserve for your damages and not getting any restitution at all.

Is It Possible to Sue a Tow Truck Company Over a Driver’s Negligence?

Like anyone else operating a motor vehicle on public roads, tow truck drivers have a “duty of care,” requiring them to:

  • Follow traffic laws
  • Pay attention to their surroundings
  • Act rationally for every second they spend behind the wheel

Proving that a tow truck driver engaged in “negligence” by violating this duty of care and directly causing an otherwise avoidable injury is the centerpiece of most successful lawsuits over tow truck accidents in Southlake.

Importantly, though, individual tow truck drivers are rarely the only people who hold civil liability for an accident of this nature. Most of the time, the company that employs a negligent driver can be held “vicariously liable” for their employee’s misconduct. They may even be directly liable for their own negligence—for instance, knowingly hiring a driver with a history of DUI convictions who then caused another wreck while driving drunk. Among other things, a well-practiced legal professional could help identify every person who played a role in causing a particular accident and take proactive legal action against all of them.

Recovering Fairly Within Filing Deadlines

The main benefit of naming a towing company liable for a tow truck crash in Southlake instead of just an individual driver is that the company generally has more assets to pay for the various losses this sort of incident can cause. Both economic and non-economic forms of harm may be compensable through a successful lawsuit or settlement demand, including:

  • Physical pain and discomfort from injuries
  • Lost work income, benefits, or future earning capacity
  • Past and future medical bills for accident-related injuries
  • Lost overall quality of life and other effects of long-term disability
  • Car repair/replacement costs, plus other personal property damage
  • Emotional and psychological anguish from injuries or the accident itself

Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003 generally gives people injured through the negligence of others two years at most to file suit after initially sustaining harm, so it is important to contact legal counsel as soon as possible after a wreck like this.

Contact a Southlake Attorney for Help With a Tow Truck Accident Claim

While they may not be as big as tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles, tow trucks are still larger and heavier than most commuter cars, and that means they can cause a lot of damage when their drivers get into traffic collisions. Even worse, you may have more trouble than you might expect demanding fair financial recovery after a crash like this, since towing companies and their insurance providers often fight tenaciously against being held liable for wrecks.

Having a dependable truck accident attorney on your side can be key to effectively protecting your rights and tipping the odds of case success back in your favor. Call today to discuss your legal options after a tow truck accident in Southlake.