Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Southlake

Every vehicle has blind spots; these can easily lead to accidents when a driver is unaware of what is around them. The size of semi-trucks makes these blind spots much more significant than on the typical passenger vehicle, increasing the chances of a collision. Moreover, accidents involving 18-wheelers are more likely to cause severe damage due to their massive size.

When you are involved in a blind spot truck accident in Southlake, reaching out to an attorney could be your best course of action. The trucking company and its insurance carrier are unlikely to have your best interests in mind, but an experienced truck wreck lawyer could seek to protect your rights and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

How Do Blind Spot Tractor-Trailer Collisions Happen?

In Southlake, semi-trucks frequently cause accidents by not checking their blind spots before changing lanes. A tractor-trailer’s blind spot usually starts at the back of the cab and extends the length of the trailer. When another vehicle is in this area before changing lanes, the trucker cannot see the vehicle in their side mirror or peripheral vision; they must turn their body to look down the side of the trailer to ensure the area is clear. Often, semi-truck drivers fail to check their surroundings, leading to collisions.

Semi-trucks also tend to have a blind spot in front of their vehicle. Due to the height of the cab in most commercial vehicles, the driver cannot see the stretch of road immediately in front of their bumper. If the driver fails to pay appropriate attention, this blind spot can lead to the 18-wheeler rear-ending a vehicle that stops or slows in front of it.

Who Is Liable in a Blind Spot Truck Accident?

Determining who is legally liable for a truck collision can be difficult. Fortunately, a lawyer in Southlake who has experience representing people injured in blind-spot truck accidents could help by investigating the crash and working with experts to determine the cause.

Truckers are often liable for blind-spot collisions because they have an obligation to be aware of what is around them. The trucking company that owns the truck could also be liable—for example, when the company fails to provide adequate training or equipment for drivers or pushes drivers to make deliveries in unrealistic time frames.

Sometimes, the driver injured by the tractor-trailer could be partially at fault for the accident—for example, if they lingered in the truck’s blind spot too long or moved into it unexpectedly. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 33.001, injured drivers can still recover compensation for their injuries, so long as the percentage of fault they are assigned for the accident is not more than 50 percent; however, the court reduces the award amount by the plaintiff’s percentage of fault per the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 33.012.

Call a Southlake Attorney Who Has Experience Representing People Injured in Blind-Spot Truck Accidents

When you have been injured in a blind-spot truck accident in Southlake, you are probably overwhelmed and facing significant medical expenses. An experienced lawyer could help you negotiate with the trucking company and their insurer. An attorney could also fight to ensure you are not liable for your injuries. Reach out to our legal team members today to schedule a confidential consultation.