Tanker Truck Accidents in Southlake

Every person whose job requires them to drive a large commercial truck should have both specialized training and a good amount of hands-on experience before they get behind the wheel of a big rig on a public road. However, even well-trained and experienced truckers can have difficulty operating tanker trucks safely, especially if they are being overworked by their employer or are not used to carrying liquid or gaseous material as opposed to solid cargo.

When you are hurt in a tanker truck accident in Southlake, you likely have a right to pursue civil restitution for your injuries and subsequent losses. That said, you are also likely to have a hard time getting any compensation at all—let alone the full amount you should be entitled to receive—from a major trucking company’s insurance provider without support from an experienced truck collision attorney who has handled similar cases successfully in the past.

Common Causes and Effects of Tanker Truck Crashes

Unfortunately, not all professional truck drivers act as lawfully and responsibly as they should while driving, so just like most other types of commercial truck wrecks, many tanker truck accidents in Southlake stem directly from the truck’s driver committing a traffic violation. Distracted and fatigued driving also commonly play a role in wrecks like this. However, some collisions stem from physical or mechanical problems rather than a driver’s mistake—for instance, a truck not being properly maintained or a part being defective due to a design or manufacturing error.

Regardless of exactly how a wreck like this happened, the important thing when it comes to filing suit over one is proving that the actions of the truck driver involved qualified as legal “negligence.” This means they breached the “duty of care” all drivers have to act responsibly behind the wheel and directly caused an accident that likely would not otherwise have occurred. In many situations, it is possible to hold a trucking company “vicariously liable” for their employee’s negligence, which can allow for much greater financial recovery than a claim filed solely against an individual trucker.

Holding a Trucking Company Liable for Specific Damages

Because tanker trucks often carry hazardous substances that may be extremely caustic or flammable, accidents in Southlake involving these machines often have uniquely catastrophic consequences. With that in mind, it can be especially crucial when pursuing a civil claim over a wreck of this nature to account for both the short and long-term effects of injuries.

Comprehensive civil lawsuits may need to incorporate damages like:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Psychological and emotional distress
  • Lost quality of life, potentially including lost consortium
  • Lost work income, benefits, or long-term earning capacity
  • Emergency medical expenses plus expected costs of future care
  • Personal property damage, including vehicle replacement/repair costs

If a tanker truck crash results from extremely egregious negligence or intentional misconduct by a trucking company, a court may—in extremely rare scenarios—impose additional “punitive damages” against them and award that money as extra compensation to the injured person filing suit.

Get Help from a Southlake Attorney With a Tanker Truck Accident Case

Virtually any traffic accident involving a tractor-trailer will likely result in substantial property damage and serious collisions. However, few accidents of any kind have as much potential to cause life-threatening harm as those involving tanker trucks with explosive cargo on board.

Litigation built around tanker truck accidents in Southlake can be far from simple to pursue. You can do a lot to improve your chances of getting a positive case result by working with a knowledgeable legal professional. Call today to discuss your legal options.