Mistakes to Avoid in Southlake Truck Accident Cases

Just about every driver knows the basics of what to do after getting into an accident: moving their vehicles out of the flow of traffic, exchanging contact and insurance details, calling the police or emergency medical services, and so on in accordance with Texas state law. In the aftermath of a serious crash involving a tractor-trailer or any other type of commercial truck, though, there is a lot more you can and should be doing if you want to give yourself a good chance at getting fair financial recovery.

However, there are also certain things you should avoid doing after getting hurt in a truck collision, or else you may wind up missing out on much-needed compensation or even not being able to get any compensation at all. Here are some key mistakes to avoid in Southlake truck accident cases, all of which a dependable semi-truck crash attorney could help you navigate.

Not Getting Immediate Medical Attention

It may seem simple to some, but one of the biggest mistakes many people make after being involved in a truck accident in Southlake or elsewhere in the Lone Star State is not getting professional medical care as soon as possible after the wreck. Whether it is because they think they are fine or want to avoid the extra hassle, a person who fails to get a doctor’s opinion on their condition can not only lead to unknown injuries getting much worse without treatment but can also leave them without formal documentation of their injuries, which could be vital to recovering civil compensation later on.

Not Following a Doctor’s Directions

Along the same lines, medical treatment for injuries sustained in a truck crash can only be fully effective if the injured person listens to their doctor and follows all their instructions for what:

  • Specialists they should see
  • Medications they should take
  • Additional treatment—like physical therapy—they should seek out

On top of delaying the healing process, ignoring the doctor’s orders can also be a perfect excuse for an insurance company to say that the injuries those orders are meant to address are not actually that bad and that the injured person does not need any more compensation for them.

Assuming the Insurance Company Is Being Straightforward

If that last scenario makes it sound like insurance companies are less than trustworthy when seeking financial recovery for a truck accident, that is because they generally should not be trusted at all. Insurance providers are for-profit enterprises that will look for any excuse to deny coverage to people in need of help, and accepting an initial settlement offer or making a recorded statement based on an assumption that an insurer is acting in good faith can be a massive mistake following a truck wreck in Southlake.

Not Hiring a Southlake Attorney Can Be a Huge Mistake for a Truck Accident Case

Maybe the biggest mistake to avoid in Southlake truck accident cases, though, is trying to handle a legal claim on your own. Even if you have past experience with civil litigation, lawsuits over truck crashes are entirely different beasts compared to virtually every other type of personal injury claim. When the stakes are this high, you cannot afford to put your future prospects on anything but the sturdiest possible foundation.

Building that foundation begins and ends with having seasoned legal counsel on your side from start to finish of the case process. Call today to learn how a qualified truck accident lawyer could assist you.