Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Southlake

Texas has more roads than any other state. As a significant shipping pathway to large cities and their surrounding areas, it should be no surprise that it also leads the nation in fatal truck wrecks.

Understanding why semi crashes occur is the first step to reducing injuries and fatalities. An 18-wheeler crash attorney could help you understand the common causes of truck accidents in Southlake, and when the incident was due to negligence, they could explain potential legal remedies and claims.

Driver Negligence

Most truck wrecks are due to driver negligence, which can look like failure to obey traffic laws, trucking regulations, or common-sense safety rules. Some of these causes include:

Truckers have training to avoid making these mistakes; however, they also face tremendous pressure to meet deadlines. Dealing with traffic, delays, boredom, and difficult living conditions can all contribute to risky behaviors. That said, those reasons do not excuse taking unnecessary risks.

Tractor-trailers can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, which is approximately ten times heavier than the heaviest passenger vehicles. So, even a minor trucking wreck is a big deal and can lead to severe injuries and death.

Since driver negligence is one of the most common causes of truck wrecks, it is among the first things Southlake lawyers or first responders will consider. They could investigate to see if a trucker’s careless or reckless actions contributed to a crash. However, they should also look at other potentially contributing factors, even when driver negligence is evident.

Third-Party Causes of Truck Wrecks

Other things can contribute to the likelihood of 18-wheeler collisions. Lousy weather, overloaded cargo, improper maintenance, and poor road conditions can all increase the possibility of an accident. Under those circumstances, an injured person may have a third-party claim.

Bad Weather

Bad weather often plays a role in truck wrecks, reducing visibility or making roads slippery. Federal regulations even address this issue — requiring truck drivers to slow down in bad weather and pull over when conditions make driving unsafe.

However, many truckers feel confident they can navigate safely in those conditions. Additionally, drivers may be pressured by their employers to deliver their loads on time, regardless of weather conditions. When truckers drive in dangerous weather due to company pressure, an injured person may have a claim against the employer.

Improper Maintenance

Improper maintenance can also increase the likelihood of tractor-trailer collisions. Depending on who owns the truck, a case may lead to third-party liability. Some truckers are owner-operators — they possess the trucks that they drive. Others drive trucks owned by their employers.

When an employer owns the truck, they are responsible for maintenance. Even in an owner-operator scenario, there may be third-party liability — a trucker may pay for routine maintenance but not get the services they pay for from a garage or mechanic.

Road Conditions

Road conditions are another common cause of Southlake semi-truck crashes. Missing or confusing signs, broken guardrails, potholes, steep shoulders, debris in the roadway, and construction can all make it more challenging to maintain control over the vehicles.

Often, truckers will have notice of the poor road conditions and be aware that they need to adjust their driving accordingly. In some instances, they do not know about these changes, and the injured parties may have a claim against the state, county, or municipal government responsible for maintaining those roads.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About the Common Causes of Southlake Truck Wrecks

The aftermath of a collision with a heavy commercial vehicle can be challenging, and you may be dealing with injuries, medical bills, and emotional difficulties. Fortunately, a personal injury lawsuit could force the guilty parties to pay for those damages.

A lawyer who understands the common causes of truck accidents in Southlake knows to look at all possible contributors to the accident. Schedule a consultation to find out more.