First Steps to Take After a Southlake Truck Accident

Traffic collisions involving massive tractor-trailers can be harrowing under any circumstances, and it is more than understandable to be unsure of what you should do next in the immediate aftermath of one. For that reason, it can be helpful to have some first steps to take after a Southlake truck accident in mind well before being involved in one. This can help you proactively protect your rights during a very uncertain time. Here are some of the most important things you should be doing right after a wreck like this occurs, the most important of which is getting help from a seasoned truck crash attorney who could ensure you are building the strongest civil claim possible.

Report the Accident to the Police

In addition to moving any damaged vehicles out of the flow of traffic if possible and rendering aid to anyone in need of it, Texas state law also requires people involved in serious auto accidents of any kind to notify the police about the wreck and wait for them to arrive before leaving the scene. Beyond just keeping an injured person within the bounds of the law, doing this will also ensure that the police who respond to the scene generate an accident report with crucial details about the incident.

Get Contact and Insurance Information from the Truck Driver

This is another step to take after a Southlake truck accident, which is actually a requirement under state law. Knowing who is involved in a crash like this and what third parties—most notably, a trucking company and insurance provider(s)—are involved is vital to planning effectively for recovery.

Speak With Witnesses to the Crash

With relatively few exceptions, the people directly involved in a truck accident around Southlake are not the only people who saw the crash happen. Getting contact information for eyewitnesses before leaving the scene can make it much easier for an attorney to get in touch with those witnesses later and factor their testimony into a lawsuit or settlement demand.

Take Photos/Videos of the Accident Scene

If possible, snapping a few pictures of a truck accident before leaving the scene can be essential to piecing together what happened later on and establishing the severity of losses that will need to be compensated through a settlement or damage award. Particular attention should be paid to:

  • Traffic patterns at and near the crash site
  • Injuries sustained by the people involved
  • Damage sustained by the vehicles involved
  • Any obstacles or road conditions that may have contributed to causing the wreck

Seek Medical Attention as Soon as Possible

Even if they feel fine right after it happens, everyone involved in a truck accident in Southlake should make a visit to an emergency room or urgent care clinic one of their top priorities. This can be key to identifying injuries that may not have produced obvious symptoms yet and creating a paper trail documenting how severe crash-related injuries are and what expenses stem from treating them.

Contact a Qualified Attorney About a Southlake Truck Accident Claim

Last but not least, retaining a skilled lawyer should be very high on your list of first steps to take after a Southlake truck accident. Regardless of how exactly your crash happened or what damages you need to seek restitution for, representation from dependable legal counsel will almost certainly prove vital to getting you paid what you deserve. Call today to learn more.