Unique Aspects of Fort Worth Motorcycle Accident Injuries

One of the greatest differences between motorcycle and auto accidents is the type of injuries riders sustain in a motorbike collision. For instance, the accident frequently involves an ejection from a bike. The original impact results in the rider suffering a broken leg, broken arm, or broken collarbone. They are usually thrown from a bike, which is another impact that causes other injuries.

Often, these accidents result in head injuries that occur when the rider either strikes the ground, the other vehicle or the road. The injury frequently does not happen with the initial impact. The injuries from motorcycles are different from the average passenger vehicle accident.

While the same kinds of injuries may occur in both motorcycle and auto accidents, it is much more common for head injuries to occur in motorcycle cases. The injuries common to both types of accidents include punctured lungs, broken bones, head injuries, brain injuries, and serious lacerations that require stitches to repair.

A dedicated motorcycle accident attorney could review the facts of the case and help injured claimants recover compensation that covers the full value of their injuries and damages. Speak to an experienced attorney to learn about unique aspects of Fort Worth motorcycle accident injuries.

What Constitutes a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when a blow, bump, or jolt, to the head leads to damage to the brain. Each year, millions of people in the United States suffer from traumatic brain injuries. The human brain is incredibly susceptible to damages from the forces generated by a typical motor vehicle accident.

Traumatic brain injuries are often referred to as the silent epidemic because TBI cases can be so challenging to prove. Many traumatically brain-injured accident victims in Fort Worth appear normal. Since there are often no obvious signs of a brain injury, it could difficult to determine the severity without medical assistance.

It is important to wear a helmet. The only protection a motorcyclist has from the outside elements is their helmet. Not wearing a helmet leads to the head being completely unprotected. The head has no barrier from those forces generated, leaving the brain vulnerable to traumatic injury. Those who wear helmets significantly reduce their chances of facial and head injuries, including a traumatic brain injury.

The Consequences of Broken Bones

Any bone in the body can be broken in a motorcycle accident in Fort Worth. There are several different classifications of broken bones, including:

  • Closed fracture or simple fracture
  • Open fracture
  • Compound fracture
  • Hairline fracture
  • Incomplete fracture
  • Complete fracture
  • Displaced fracture
  • Compact fracture

Common broken bones include legs and arms, collarbones, ribs, skulls, spines, pelvises, hips, hands, fingers, feet, and toes.

Complications of Multiple Fractures

Common complications of broken bones are malunion, osteomyelitis, and avascular necrosis. The malunion comes as a result of a fracture not being set in the proper manner. As a result, the bone heals in a wrong position. A malunion may also occur from a shift in the fracture during the long healing process.

Osteomyelitis is an infection in the bone or bone marrow, which can develop as a result of a compound fracture that may lead to a persistent infection called osteomyelitis. Avascular necrosis may occur when a broken bone causes the bone to lose its blood supply and die. It almost always leads to some degree of permanent disability.

Long-Term Professional Consequences of a Severe Injury

Professionally, a serious traumatic brain injury could prevent a person from cognitively from being able to function in their job. Also, a severe spinal cord injury could potentially lead somebody to be paralyzed, which may prevent them from being able to work.

When a crash prevents a person from working, compensation may be available to cover the recovery, healing period, and future lost wages. A diligent motorcycle accident lawyer in Fort Worth who can help the injured party calculate their damages, such as medical costs, treatment, and future lost wages.

Any lost income could be addressed through a claim, including earning potential if the individual is permanently disabled and unable to return to work. Also, pain and suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, and other non-economic damages are potential damages that could be collected.

Seek Help from a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When an individual is seriously injured, and it affects their day-to-day activities. They may be unable to work, take care of their family, or complete daily activities such as household chores and maintenance of the home. If the accident that caused the claimant’s injuries was due to the negligent actions of another, the responsible party could be held liable to damages.

Understanding the unique aspects of Fort Worth motorcycle accident injuries could be crucial in your case. Call today to get started.